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Monday, 6 January 2014

Masterpieces to welcome a bountiful CNY

WITH Chinese New Year around the corner, Poh Kong has come up with its 2014 Lunar New Year Auspicious Collection featuring six categories of masterpieces.

The Lunar New Year of the Wooden Stallion in 2014 is welcomed with creations based on the themes of the “Gallant Steed of Fortune”, “Gold and Silver Coin”, “Abacus of Prosperity”, “Bountiful Gold and Jade”, “Golden Delights” and “Prosperity Pixiu”.

The Pot of Gold, which is part of the Bountiful Gold and Jade collection, is a barrel filled with gold which encourages one to earn one's first fortunes.
Beautifully crafted: Pot of Gold, which is part of the Bountiful Gold and Jade collection, is a barrel filled with
gold, encouraging one to earn one’s first fortunes.

Poh Kong marketing manager Elizabeth Choon said wearing jewellery during the Lunar New Year is believed to attract prosperity while serving as a talisman of protection, ensuring peace, health and harmony throughout the year.

“All jewellery pieces are crafted from 916 gold,” she said during the preview of the collection.

The Gallant Steed of Fortune is inspired by the horse.

Among the pieces that are part of this theme is the Graceful Mare of Glory that comprises a necklace-and-bangle set.

“It features a horseshoe surrounding the face of an elegant horse that is poised for victory.

“The horseshoe has long been used as a symbol of good luck while the horse that appears to be galloping ahead represents the attributes of a leader,” explained Choon.

Meanwhile, the Blazing Horse of Victory is a ring that features a stallion encased within a horseshoe that has ancient coins decorating the sides of the ring.

This signifies overflowing abundance and good fortune throughout the year.

The Abacus Prosperity features a few eyecatching pieces, including the Ruyi Abacus that combines an abacus design with inscribed motifs of the Ruyi.

The Ruyi is a traditional auspicious ornament that adorned study tables, thrones and royal chambers to encourage prosperity and harmony.

It is believed to be transformed from the royal sceptre, the supreme symbol of power and authority.

It is available as a jade-and-gold pendant or gold pendant-and-ring set.

Other highlights are from the Bountiful Gold and Jade series that features jewellery created with jade, white jade and yellow jade encased in gold.

For details, visit www.pohkong.com.my or www.facebook.com/pohkongjewellers.

The whole collection is available at all Poh Kong stores.

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