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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Toasting the season

DECEMBER is here and with it comes all the year-end celebrations with family and friends.

As you prepare for your open house and merry-making, Metro Online Broadcast (mob.com.my) with the help of Bora Bora in Petaling Jaya, would like to share some simple mocktail and cocktail recipes that you can whip up at home to impress your guests this year.

Watch the step-by-step video to mix these drinks through iSnap.

Final touches: Add some grenadine syrup as garnishing to your Silent Night mocktail.
Busy and work: Bora Bora manager David Francis whipping sample cocktails and mocktails. Watch the video to see him in action.

Santarina Vodka

Ingredients: Vodka (45 ml), triple sec (orange liqueur, 15ml), and cranberry juice (90ml).

This drink is quite strong with both the vodka and triple sec adding some boost to what could be a perfect drink for those who like their drinks strong and sour, thanks to the cranberry juice used.

Try matching this with your serving of Christmas turkey.

Snow Blended Rum

Ingredients: Rum (45ml), Strawberry puree (60ml), fresh milk (90ml)

Though the weather seems to be gloomy, there’s always hope of sunshine this Christmas.

If the day is warm, cool down with this drink.

The mix of rum, strawberry puree and fresh milk gives you a taste similar to that of a strawberry milkshake, only with added oomph.

Liquid desert: Silent night
Liquid dessert: Silent NZight

Silent Night

Ingredients: Pineapple and orange juice (90ml each), coconut cream (60ml), grenadine syrup (for garnishing)

Steps: After indulging in Christmas delights, try this mocktail that can be taken as a dessert, in place of typical items such as ice-cream.

This alcohol-free drink can be enjoyed by everyone.

Frosty Way

Ingredients: ½ banana, yogurt (60ml), fresh milk (60ml), sugar syrup (30ml), honey (for garnishing)

Steps: Just like a banana split in a cup, this drink is perfect for those who are into eating clean.

Here, you can drink clean as all ingredients used are healthy.

The honey used is poured slowly around the inside of the glass, that when mixed with the blended banana and yogurt, adds sweetness to the sour mixture.

This drink can be enjoyed as a dessert after a heavy meal on a hot day.

Cocktail ideas
from our readers

Going to a bar to get drinks can be quite a hassle and so people try and experiment with the drinks they have at home to make their very own homemade cocktails.

Here are two homemade cocktail recipes shared by readers.

Lychee Mint Crush

Kenji Woo, 34 and his friends experimented with a lot of drinks during a get-together and came up with a cocktail they now call the “lychee mint crush”.

Ingredients: Canned lychee, mint leaves, ice, vodka (Absolut) , Ribena (optional).

Steps: Put lychee (depending on how much you want), mint leaves, ice, vodka (depending on how strong you want it to be) and Ribena for added taste into a blender.

Blend the ingredients together and pour contents into a glass. The final outcome is a blended lychee vodka mixture that promises to keep you feeling cool during a warm day.

Family affair: Seah and her cousins came up with the Minty Rum recipe just as a bit of fun.
Family affair: Seah and her cousins came up with the Minty Rum on a lark.

Minty Rum

Roxanne Pandora Seah, 25 and her cousin decided to make their own cocktail at home one night.

They concocted a refreshing mix they named “Minty rum”.

Ingredients: Rum (Bacardi) with sprite, mint leaves and lemon slice

Steps: Put some mint leaves into a glass then pour rum.

The amount of rum depends on how strong you want the drink to be.

Next, add Sprite and squeeze some lemon into the drink. There you have it, the Minty Rum.

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