Monday, 10 July 2017

Turtles’ death a concern to marine conservationists

The dead turtle found at a beach in Kota Belud.
The dead turtle found at a beach in Kota Belud.

KOTA KINABALU: Marine conservationists are watching if there are any more deaths of sea creatures in waters off Sabah after two green turtles were found dead with toxins in their bodies over the past few days.

Sabah Shark Protection Association (SSPA) chairman Aderick Chong said although it could not link the turtles death to sharks at the moment, it was best to be cautious.

“So far, we do not know what types of toxin or whether it was toxin that caused the death of the turtles,” he said when contacted.

He said the association was not sure if the same toxins would affect other marine creatures such as sharks.

“But we are always on the lookout. If there are any more turtle deaths, or beaching of sharks, then we would dig deeper,” Chong said.

The death of the green turtles in Kota Belud and Tanjung Lipat near here are believed to be linked to comsumption of toxin as both turtles showed signs of internal haemorrhages.

Sabah Wildlife Department director Augustine Tuuga said these signs, in most cases were due to toxicity, red tide and toxins thrown into the sea and water pollution.

He hoped to find answers to the incidents as soon as possible.

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