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Youths should change mindset

Lee (right) taking a closer look at a mechanical invention by students from the Miri Industrial Training Institute.

Lee (right) taking a closer look at a mechanical invention by students from the Miri Industrial Training Institute.

MIRI: Sarawakian youths have been urged to change their mindset about technical and vocational jobs.

They must think of these jobs as important and secure employment opportunities with a good salary.

Sarawak Assistant Safety, Land and Air Transportation and Tourism Minister Datuk Lee Kim Shin said the state has plenty of job vacancies in the technical sector because of the rapid pace of industry growth statewide.

“Technical and vocational subjects such as mechanical skills, electrical sciences and electronics are still very important in everyday life,” he said at an exhibition on innovation and creativity at the Miri Industrial Training Institute yesterday.

“They are needed in vital sectors such as transportation, manufacturing and automotive industries.

“Those with technical and vocational backgrounds can secure long-term employment and have a stable income,” he added.

He also said thousands of job opportunities will be coming up in the Samalaju industrial zone in northern Sarawak.

He said Sarawakians had been under the impression that technical and vocational jobs were low-paying.

“Technical and vocational jobs are aplenty in Sarawak and these jobs pay well, if not very well,” he stressed.

Samalaju is located within the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy belt in Bintulu, some 200km south of Miri.

Lee noted that despite the ongoing economic slowdown in the oil and gas sectors, the current job market throughout the region was highly competitive and potential employers will want to hire the best talents.

“Those who study technical and vocational subjects must be able to devise new methods to solve problems. Think outside the box and be bold to try out new ideas to solve problems,” he said.

Lee praised the students of the Miri Industrial Training Institute for their hard-working attitude.

The students here are highly trainable and often sought after by employers, he added.

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