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The pick of future docs

QIUP is fully equipped with medical facilities to enhance the learning experience of its students.

QIUP is fully equipped with medical facilities to enhance the learning experience of its students.

QUEST International University Perak (QIUP) in Ipoh is fast turning into a preferred destination for students aiming to become doctors.

Highly sought after is its Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery (MBBS) programme.

Given the limited seats and overwhelming response from local and international students, its MBBS Screening Committee is left with the task of choosing only the best for its upcoming intake.

Over 75% of the applicants surpassed the minimum entry requirement of a CGPA of 3.0 in the Foundation in Science or related programme as set by Malaysian Medical Council (MMC).

Prof Dr Alam Sher Malik, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, said academic excellence was not the only criterion used in the selection of students.

“To become a good doctor, one has to have the right aptitude. We do not need students who only excel in their studies but lack the attitude required to become a good doctor. That is what we look for when we call the students for a pre-admission interview,” he said.

QIUP’s medical curriculum emphasises on teaching soft skills and how to be compassionate.

Part of its curriculum includes hospital visits in the first semester.

There are also visits to underprivileged communities to perform medical check-ups.

“To be a good doctor, one must understand first and foremost how to interact with people. It is with that in mind that we developed programmes such as community visits which also inculcate values like compassion and charity into the students from the first year.

“Interestingly, charity has been designated as a significant part of teaching programmes at QIUP. Through this component, students will participate in community service or volunteer their time for a cause. These are very much part of the curriculum and aim to inculcate gratefulness, care and kindness in its students,” said Prof Dr Alam.

Prof Dr Subhada Prasad Pani, Deputy Dean (Pre-Clinical) of the Faculty of Medicine and Head, Department of Microbiology said QIUP was equipped with teaching staff and facilities required to produce the best doctors.

“Our MBBS programme is led by highly qualified and experienced academic staff and professors, both from the local and international backgrounds.

“The facilities we have include modern Multidisciplinary Laboratories (MDL), Anatomy and Pathology Resource Centre, Anatomy Dissection Hall, Clinical Skills Laboratory and mock ward, a central library with global access to books and journals for medical students, and teaching hospitals,” he said.

In Year 2, the MBBS students learn all about body systems (such as cardiovascular system and respiratory system).

For each system, they practise certain procedures in the clinical skills lab at QIUP. More importantly they also visit hospitals to observe how the patients are examined and managed.

Prof Dr Alam stressed that the unique feature in QIUP’s curricula was the ‘theme based’ laboratory visits to hospitals.

Facilities visited include Biochemistry Lab, Microbiology Lab, Pathology Lab and also to the Pharmacy (Pharmacology). These visits happen corresponding with the various modules that students study at the time.

“For example, the visit to the Biochemistry laboratory is themed as ‘Diabetes Mellitus’. Therefore, during their visit, students learn how a Biochemistry lab plays an important role in the diagnosis and management of diabetes.”

“We want to ensure that students understand how basic medical sciences have real-life application in patient management.

“This helps in the students’ understanding of these basic sciences not just theoretically, but in practical use,” he added.

Most applicants when asked the reason for choosing QIUP have replied that either a friend or relative who is pursuing the MBBS at QIUP has highly recommended the programme.

The duration of the MBBS course is five years, done fully at QIUP. This includes a pre-clinical curriculum of two years and a clinical curriculum of three years.

Should you have high hopes on quality student life and interaction with the best academicians, QIUP is simply your choice. Join them on your quest to greatness.

The university is now open for registration for the May 2017 intake. For details, please call 1800-88-QIUP (7487), email or log on to

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