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Important to have student exchange programmes to gain knowledge, says Maimunah

KOTA KINABALU: Schools in Sabah are urged to have programmes with students from overseas for information and culture sharing.

State Education Department director Maimunah Suhaibul said it was important for schools to have student exchange or related programmes with those from other countries so that students and teachers are able to gain more knowledge.

“We can learn from others in areas we are weaker in and they can also learn from us what we are better at in terms of education, practices and so on,” she said.

She said this during a Students’ Integration Programme between the Nakajima Secondary School of Fukushima, Japan and SMK Inanam here recently.

“What we can learn from the Japanese culture is their emphasis on cleanliness, punctuality as well as their ability to react fast when disaster strikes,” Maimunah said.

Maimunah Suhaibu

She said the Japanese were known for their strict sense of time and cleanliness, and have been struck by disasters, especially earthquakes, so many times that even small children know what to do when it happens.

“They have been taught and trained well for this in schools and I think in Sabah, we too can learn from them and train our children in preparing for disaster following last year’s June 5 Mount Kinabalu earthquake,” she said.

She added that the Education Ministry has also distributed guide and modules to schools on preparing for disasters such as floods, earthquakes and even haze.

“We need to train our children from young,” she said.

A total of 60 Japanese students came to SMK Inanam for the one-day programme.

They had interactions with teachers and students including the 92 who are taking Japanese language classes at the school.