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Dominic Lau: Practical travelling solutions

It was Tumi’s partnership with Ducati that won Dominic Lau over. His favourite Alpha Bravo Tumi backpack goes where he goes.

It was Tumi’s partnership with Ducati that won Dominic Lau over. His favourite Alpha Bravo Tumi backpack goes where he goes.

Dominic Lau is perfectly at ease with being a Tumi Global Citizen. In fact, he couldn’t stop talking about the merits of his Tumi backpack, which goes anywhere he goes.

Just last year alone, Singapore-based Lau has travelled more than 193,000km in the course of performing duties as E! News Asia anchor, Channel [V] International VJ, Star Movies’ VIP Access host, Asia Pop 40 radio DJ, as well as other emceeing duties.

To put that into perspective, that would mean approximately 60-80 flights last year, or at least a trip to the airport every single week!

“Being ready to ad-lib, to be spontaneous and to be ready to jump into the next adventure, no matter what that would be,” said Lau, 32, when asked to summarise his approach to work when interviewed in Hong Kong recently.

“While I work in Singapore, I would be called, often at short notice, to work in places like Indonesia, Australia, the United States, and so on, to interview celebrities.

Lau was walking through a shopping mall when he spotted a Ducati in a Tumi store. Curiosity got the better of him; he discovered that Ducati had a partnership with Tumi to produce a whole line of bags customised for motorcycle riders such as him.

“I bought a Ducati-Tumi travel case, satchel and backpack. I still have all of them today. Back then, it was Ducati that got me, but I have now realised the importance of choosing a good travel bag and accessory.

“It is not often that you see a product that is both durable and stylish. The beauty of Tumi is that they put aesthetic thought into their design as well as functionality – there is a beautiful synergy between the two,” said Lau, who admits to being “completely addicted” to his Alpha Bravo backpack even though he has only had it for a few months.

Lau, feels that the campaign based on global citizens hits the nail on the head for him.

“It is so apt, it is superb. For example, I am not bound by political boundaries, or religious, ethnic, or cultural walls. I can be in Hong Kong now and in Singapore a couple of hours later, yet not feel like I am away from home.

“I believe in the same ethos they do, that a global citizen is someone who embraces travel, needs to travel, but someone who believes that travelling in style is important,

“Being able to team up with a brand that believes in that, is like a dream come true. I can’t think of a better partnership – it is a huge honour.”

Lau is active @Dom_Lau on Twitter.

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