Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Ic! Berlin unveils new range

Ic! you: Anderl (centre) and celebrities sporting the latest Ic! Berlin sunglasses.

Ic! you: Anderl (centre) and celebrities sporting the latest Ic! Berlin sunglasses.

Ic! Berlin presents its first range of hybrid sunglasses.

The Ic! Berlin brand is known for its innovative use of sheet metal in its range of eyewear. With the application of a unique hinge design, the frame of each pair of glasses or shades is made durable, without needing any screws.

Now, Ic! Berlin has unveiled a new range of hybrid sunglasses featuring superfine acetate rims inside an unbreakable stainless steel frame. Three models are available: the S3 Rummelsburg, S25 Tegel and S42 Wedding.

Produced in three colours and weighing a mere 20g, they are part of the brand’s Mido 2014 U-Bahn collection, which were inspired by the Berlin Metro.

As the namesake of the brand, it embodies the opposing dualities that mirror the hybrid sunglasses’ design.

According to Ic! Berlin’s founder Ralph Anderl, he is proud of how his company highlights the city’s culture and that his products are really manufactured in Berlin.

“The Ic! Berlin brand stands for high-end glasses that come with the best hinge in the world.

“With them, you can remove them at the temples and reattach them easily,” he explains.

Anderl was recently in Malaysia for the Ic! Berlin brand’s regional meeting in Penang. Various celebrities like Ning Baizura, Nazim Othman, Wind Lee and Debbie Goh were in attendance. 

> Ic! Berlin is available at selected eyewear stores. In Malaysia, the brand is distributed by Eyewear Creations (M) Sdn Bhd.

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