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Plush keeps your handbags in shape

Plush chain wrap.

Plush chain wrap.

With Plush, luxury bags can now look and feel as beautiful as the day you bought it.

THE days of seeing your designer bags out-of-shape are finally over.

Have you noticed that despite storing it away carefully in its dustbag and stuffing to the brim with paper and tissue, it still emerges resembling a deflated parfait with wrinkles and scuffs?

These were the very thoughts that crossed the mind of entrepreneur and bag-lover Nazreem Musa, the managing director of Plush..

“I could see my mum’s vintage Chanel bags get increasingly scratched and bent out of shape over the years and I just thought it would be great if there was a way to help maintain these luxury bags’ shape and leather and so, the Plush pursepillow and chain wrap was created,” he said.

Plush pursepillow.
Plush pursepillow

Nazreem had already immersed himself in the family business with his mum when he first came to know about foam-wood-polyprophylene-steel.

“Watching this machine, in my mum’s company, create the foam used in mattresses, it dawned upon me that it would be great as a purse pillow.”

Available in five different measurements, the mini, petite, jumbo, maxi and grande, Nazreem said the best way to pick the appropriate plush pillow size is to choose a pillow that is one to two inches smaller than the bag.

As a point of reference, a mini would be for a wallet and would fit an Alexander McQueen clutch nicely. The dimensions of the petite would fit a Chanel medium flap bag while the jumbo would suit the Chanel Maxi and Jumbo bags. The maxi is better suited for the 35cm Hermes Birkin or Celine Phantom bag while the grande is meant for the 40cm Birkin. “

Even two pillows could be used if the bag is bigger or deeper. Otherwise, we are also open to custom orders,” said Nazreem.

The various sizes of the Plush pursepillow.
The various sizes of the Plush pursepillow.

“There will be varying colours and materials in time to come but for now, I am using purple to start. I believe that even the inside of your bags need to be beautiful and well maintained and when spending thousands of dollars on a handbag, it should tally with how it is cared for.”

Adding further value to your precious accessories is the Plush chain wrap. This is a cover which can be wrapped around the chain or metal straps of handbags to prevent it from tangling or from scuffing the leather.

For those intent on keeping their valuables in its best condition possible, you can make an order via email to or obtain more information through instagram at plushforbags.

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