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Each client gets a different dosage of the three Decleor essential oils.

Each client gets a different dosage of the three Decleor essential oils.

Here’s a new body treatment that will give you fodder for some spa bragging.

When you want that smoky taste in your meats, the trick is to use hickory wood when barbequeing. And, when you want that grainy hardwood flooring for a countryside interior, hickory wood will give you that cabin-in-the-woods vibe.

But, when a French beauty salon incorporated hickory wood into its body massage treatment, this curious choice of a spa tool piqued our interest.

In celebration of Decleor’s 40 years of expertise in face and body care through its beauty salons and spas worldwide, the brand introduced its new signature treatment, the Oressence Energy. The body treatment is claimed to work on three vital energy flows, namely cell, muscle and peace of mind.

Oressence is a play of the brand’s name, Decleor.

“Cleor” means golden key, and the “essence” represents essential oil as the key ingredient used in every product and treatment.

The brand describes its newest treatment as a full aromatherapy body massage, using a combination of essential oils and plant oils blended in a made-to-measure approach to meet a client’s specific concerns.

Decleor beauty therapist, Rowye Wong, explained that three essential oils are used for every client. This, I imagined, meant that a client would be indulged in an assortment of essential oils, whereby each individual would get to enjoy a customised concoction, depending on their afflictions.

Fragrant massage: Decleor's newest Oressence Energy body treatment helps regain and restore body and cellular energy, and tone deep tissue.
Fragrant massage: Decleor’s newest Oressence Energy body treatment helps regain and restore body and cellular energy, and tone deep tissue.

Wong clarified that initially, a client would be required to answer a list of questions and then, the Oressence diagnostic determines the amount of essential oils to be blended for her personal treatment.

So, while every client enjoys the same basic three essential oils, the dosage differs from person to person, ranging from five to eight drops, depending on your needs.

The three concentrates of essential oils that activates the three vital energies of the body are: grapefruit and geranium to activate cells; sweet orange and frankincense to relax the mind; and lemon and satureja to aid in muscle relief.

“Hickory wood is sourced from Louisiana, United States, and it offers deep stimulation and helps with blood circulation,” Wong pointed out.

This element was chosen as it is free from static electricity, hence clients won’t feel electric friction when it is rolled over the skin, and it doesn’t transfer negative energies.

Based on my answers, Wong came up with a blend of essential oils to unravel my knotted muscles, the result of hours of hunching over a laptop and poor posture, and she obliged my request for a medium to heavy pressure massage.

She started by using her hands to firmly knead the back of the body, then firmly rolled the hickory wood – a 30cm-long stick – on specific parts of the body to relax and stimulate circulation. To comfortably initiate someone to this treatment, however, I reckon light pressure would probably be advisable, especially when the hickory wood is applied.

The brand touted that “these personalised blends of essential oils are wrapped in an utmost sensorial journey”, so I anticipated that this full body aromatherapy would treat my senses to a robust bouquet of the oils, but it turned out to be surprisingly mild.

What does this massage do? It is said to activate collagen synthesis to provide anti-ageing properties, and preserve skin suppleness and elasticity.

Also, it increases lymphatic drainage fluid for better self-detoxification, reduce water retention and cellulite, activate organs and meridians circulation in delaying the ageing process.

While the hickory wood was a novelty and provided more pressure than human hands, Wong’s solid massaging strokes offered more relaxation in untangling my tense muscles. My lymph nodes responded with a bearable degree of ache, which probably meant some lymphatic drainage had taken place, and my meridian points were duly circulated to delay my ageing process.

The body treatment, priced at RM178 for an hour, is available at Decleor flagship salons located at Mid Valley Megamall and Publika Shopping Gallery in KL; and at Tangs at 1Utama and Metrojaya at The Curve, Petaling Jaya.

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