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Makeup: Go bold or go home

Takes confidence to pull off both strong eye make-up and lips at the same time, but it can look amazing.

Takes confidence to pull off both strong eye make-up and lips at the same time, but it can look amazing.

Be it a winged cat eye or bright lips, just highlight a feature and stand out.

IT IS always fun to work with hues and when it comes to make-up, a little pop of colour can go a long way. However, instead of applying bright bold colours all over the face, Bobbi Brown Asia Pacific’s assistant manager of education Felix Nguyen suggests that women pick one or two facial features to highlight. Whether it is bold eyebrows, bright lips or dark eyes, Nguyen feels that it is better to accentuate no more than two features at a time.

“I feel women in Malaysia like smoky eyes. And they just pop, especially against Asian skin, because we like a really flawless canvas,” he said.

If you’re ever torn between going for a bold eye or bold lips look, Nguyen suggest doing both.

“You need a little bit of confidence to pull off that look but when done right, it looks amazing,” said the make-up artist whose job is to travel throughout Asia, making sure that every market is aligned with the Bobbi Brown experience.

A pop of colour on an Asian canvas can do wonders.
A pop of colour on an Asian canvas can do wonders.

“We want every customer, whether they are in Malaysia, Hong Kong or Britain, to get the same quality service that they get from any Bobbi Brown counter in the world,” said Nguyen, 31.

Speaking at the backstage of Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready To Wear 2014, Nguyen said: “We collaborated with the designers to come up with the looks, because it is their vision at the end of the day.

“ We just suggest from our professional end what to adjust, what to add and so on,” said Nguyen. He also shared three of the make-up looks from the runway that could double up as daily wear.

“We’ve chosen key focuses – whether it’s popped lips with mahogany or dark burgundy, or heavy smoky eyes or strong brows. We kept the focus on one feature, and in that way, women can adjust them to suit the occasion and soften them if they like it (for everyday use),” he explained.

The first is a plum-inspired look, which Nguyen described as “very autumn”.

“The lip is very dark, very strong with wine, berry kind of tone. We match that with a purplish kind of eyeshadow and just a soft liner – a smudged out black eyeliner. So it’s not too heavy because there are two focuses there.”

The second look, which is his favourite, is the smoky eye effect which he said looks very good against a clean canvas. Nguyen also advised women to maintain a suitable skincare regimen because “the better your canvas looks, the better your foundation and the rest of your make-up would look.” The third look that Nguyen worked on had a sunset-inspired theme, which played with beautiful gold, red and yellow hues. The make-up artist explained that he put a “golden red colour on the eyes” and followed up with a liner to define the peepers. “We also matched it with a soft tone on the lips,” he said.

Speaking of lips, the international make-up artist, who has 13 years’ experience in the industry, also noted that more Asian women experimented with their lip colours nowadays, and have no qualms about trying bright hues.

Felix Nguyen from Bobbi Brown collaborated with designers to come up with key looks for Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week.

“In Asia, it has been a hot thing for a long time, to have a pop of colour on the lips. More women are trying different colours as well. In the beginning, it was just red. And in the last couple of seasons it has been coral or pink.

“Now I love the dark tones, especially for Autumn/Winter – the mahogany, the burgundies, really dark kind of lips are hot too,” he concluded.

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