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Quick pick-me-up tips

Battle dark under-eye circles together with home remedies.

Battle dark under-eye circles together with home remedies.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t keep up the gorgeous quotient during football season.

IF you're a footie fan, you’ll probably be sacrificing your beauty sleep for your month-long football obsession.

While you shout yourself hoarse in support of your favourite team, something deeper and darker takes place – right under your skin.

All that screaming, squinting and grimacing – not to mention the unwholesome munchies – are bound to take a toll on your health and skin.

Before you know it, dark under-eye circles, dehydrated skin and fine lines will creep up on you before you can finish your victory Brazilian samba dance.

Garnier Men's spokesperson Aiman Hakim is clad in the brand's green signature colour to stay cool when he's down with football fever.
Garnier Men’s spokesman Aiman Hakim is clad in the brand’s green signature colour to stay cool when he’s down with football fever.

So, to help you look your best despite the late nights, here are some pick-me-up tips to help you get through this gripping season!

Keeping it simple

Fatigue is one of the main causes of dark under-eye circles, according to the Mayo Clinic.

A lack of sleep makes you paler and more hollow-eyed, so existing shadows and circles will become more obvious. The clinic recommends these two methods to treat mild to moderate dark circles:

> Cold: Try a cold compress, two chilled teaspoons or a bag of frozen peas wrapped in a soft cloth to temporarily reduce dilated and discoloured under-eye blood vessels.

> Extra pillows: Elevate your head with two or more pillows to prevent puffiness that develops when fluid pools in your lower eyelids.

Raid the kitchen

> Cucumber: Containing over 95% water, cucumber is known to sooth and moisturise the sensitive eye area. Place chilled slices of cucumber over entire eye area.

MAC Studio Conceal & Correct Palette in Medium.
MAC Studio Conceal & Correct Palette in Medium.

> Potato: Grate chilled potatoes and extract its juice. The natural bleaching qualities in potato help lighten dark circles. Soak cotton balls in the juice and place over eyes.

No time to grate? Use a slice of potato over eyes instead.

> Tea bags: Tannin in tea helps reduce blood vessel dilation and brings down swelling.

Quick fixes

> Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener: This lightweight brightener neutralises under-eye discoloration and darkness, and soothes the skin. Use it alone or follow with a layer of concealer. Price: RM105.

> SK-II Facial Treatment Mask: The sheet has an indulgent dose of concentrated pitera which immerses skin in moisture, leaving you radiant. Price: RM299 (box of six pieces).

> MAC Studio Conceal & Correct Palette in Medium: Concealer is a quick way to cheat if you want to hide under-eye circles. This is enriched with antioxidants, and suited for all skin types or tones. Price: RM145.

> La Mer The Mist: The mist from marine botanical extracts instantly refreshes, hydrates and energises your skin. Price: RM240.

Long term benefits

> Lancome Genefique Youth Activating Eye Cream: This eye cream is said to offer eight hours of moisturisation and battle signs of fatigue, so that fine lines are reduced and skin is firmed. Price: RM205.

> Aupres Aqua Active Sleeping Mask EX: No time to count the minutes for a mask? Sleeping with this gel mask leaves skin rejuvenated the next morning. Price: RM95.

> Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II: This anti-ageing serum works best at night, so as you catch the late night game, it will help purify and repair skin cells, slowing down premature ageing. Price: RM255 (30ml) and RM350 (50ml).

Guys keeping score

> Clinique for Men Watery Lotion: This ultra-light hydrating toner is a multi-tasking moisture booster that refreshes skin, controls oil and improves overall skin clarity. Price: RM88.

> Clarinsmen Super Moisture Balm: Losing sleep means losing moisture. This balm moisturises and energises tired and dehydrated skin. Price: RM255.

> Biotherm Homme Aquapower Oligo Thermal Care Ultra Moisturizing: This concentrated moisturiser is said to quench even the thirstiest skin in a matter of seconds and provides 24 hours of non-stop hydration. Price: RM145.

> Garnier Men Turbo Light Oil Control Icy Scrub: This icy cool sensation refreshes your skin, controls excess oil, brightens and visibly removes blackheads. Price: RM7.90 and RM15.50.

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