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Laura Mercier's Sensual Reflections: Feel comfortable in your own skin

The make-up brand launches its Fall 2014 Colour Story: Sensual Reflections collection.

THEY say that confidence is the best make-up a girl can wear ... but a little colour on her face helps too. Laura Mercier’s global make-up artist Michelle Draper certainly believes so.

“I think make-up is very important to women. The level of how much make-up a woman wears differs, and your needs are different. Some women have perfect skin and don’t need foundation, so a tinted moisturiser is enough. Eyeshadows and lipstick are the icing on the cake,” said Draper.

The make-up artist, who has been with Laura Mercier for over 14 years, was in Kuala Lumpur earlier this month to launch the brand’s Fall 2014 Colour Story: Sensual Reflections collection.

The new collection, Draper said, encourages women to be comfortable in their own skin.

“There was a revolution in the Spring Rennaisance collection – it was more about pops of colour on the cheeks and softer eyes. It was flirty, youthful and playful. Moving into the summer, the New Attitude collection was definitely about more colour on the eyes, and the statement was ‘Look at me’.”

Cheek Mélange cheek colour in Sensual Reflections.

Satin Matte eye colour in Plum Allure.

However, in the new Sensual Reflections collection, with its mysterious green, rich plum and deep chocolate tones, the eyes are played up to be seductive and lips coloured in shades of red.

“It’s definitely more ‘user-friendly’, for a woman who is confident and can hold her own. Other women look at her because she exemplifies what we all want to look like. She is polished from head to toe. It’s a beautiful collection and not intimidating at all,” said Draper.

The make-up artist added that the latest collection is targeted at women who have made all the right choices in their life, and feel good about where they are at. “I would say that it is a good working look.”

Although Draper believes that the collection is better suited for a daytime look, she feels that it can also be used for a night out in town.

“I would play up the eyes and maybe do more of a ‘winged cat eye’ look for the night, and go for bolder lips,” she said.

The collection comprises the Cheek Mélange cheek colour in Sensual Reflections, Satin Matte Eye Colour, Lip Glacé lip gloss, Crème Eyeliner, Faux Lash Mascara, and Crème Smooth Lip Colour.

Laura Mercier Faux Lash Mascara.

“I believe most women feel comfortable in all shades of brown. In the past, we have shown women how they can still have a natural look without using brown. In this collection, we have embraced all the nude shades in chocolates and beiges, but we’ve also introduced a pop of colour with the green eyeliner,” said Draper.

Draper also shared some quick tips: “Go with a primer, tinted moisturiser, cheek colour and mascara. The mascara can always make the eyes stand out and if you prefer, use an eyeliner to define the eyes,” she said.

The make-up artist also mentioned some common make-up mistakes. “Some women use too much foundation and you still see this, but more women know how to put on make-up properly. But some tend to be too heavy-handed when it comes to their eyebrows. They should take the time to etch the hair for a more natural effect,” concluded Draper.

This collection will be available at all Laura Mercier counters; price ranges from RM85 to RM159.

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