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Harvesting marine goodness to boost skin radiance

Thalgo Source Marine, a hydramarine skincare range.

Thalgo Source Marine, a hydramarine skincare range.

An Ultimate Time Solution ritual combines the alchemy of marine ingredients and manual techniques.

Marine ingredients are often used in skincare products as they offer restorative properties and anti-ageing benefits. They are also rich in minerals, vitamins and anti-ageing oils, making them ideal for use in serums, toners, creams and moisturisers.

Marine collagen, obtained from substances found on fish scales, is considered the “in” thing with Japanese skincare and nutri-cosmetic companies, while astaxanthin – a carotenoid-rich anti-oxidant found in prawns and salmon – contains nutritional supplements for youthful skin. Researchers are also diving deep to harvest chlorophyll-rich algae and deep seawater due for their antioxidant and nutrient-rich properties.

French skincare brand Thalgo draws upon the riches of marine and algae for its skincare products, dietary supplements and treatments, too. For over three decades, the company prides itself in exploring the potential of marine elements to develop authentic and effective cosmeotology products. Recently, the brand launched Ultimate Time Solution, a comprehensive anti-ageing skincare range said to help reactivate cells to keep skin looking younger. 

Formulated based on 10 years of research, the skincare range contains a patented age reversal complex which resets the original contractile force of fibroblasts and their youth functions. The complex is also claimed to help stimulate collagen production and reactivate cells.

Natural algae hormones are added to improve oxygen to fibroblasts, while Egyptian fig tree extract aids the skin’s ability to restore fibroblasts’ migratory capacity. High concentrations of ingredients such as “Skin Designer” are used to stimulate collagen, fibronectin, laminin and hyaluronic acid while Lastine 3D improves suppleness, elasticity and skin tone. 

Oleuropein Complex, containing high assimilable vitamin C, helps reduce the size and intensity of spots, preventing their formation.

The Ultimate Time Solution cream comes in two textures: a luxurious cream envelops normal to combination skin, while the rich cream contains raspberry seed oil to provide suppleness and comfort to dry skin. The serum contains hyaluronic acid which helps smoothen and firm skin. The cream for eyes and lips are formulated for delicate areas of the face.

Thalgo's Ultimate Time Solution comprises a comprehensive anti-ageing skincare range to help reactive cells which keep skin younger looking.
Thalgo’s Ultimate Time Solution comprises a comprehensive anti-ageing skincare range to help reactivate cells to keep skin looking younger.

Uplifting treatment

Thalgo offers the five-step Ultimate Time Solution Ritual, a facial treatment which combines marine alchemy with unique manual techniques to further enhance the effects of the skincare range. During a two-hour facial at Thalgo’s outlet in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, beauty therapist Cathren Thomas started off with a soothing shoulder and neck massage followed by intensive cleansing with Purifying Marine Immersion, a milk cleanser made from marine algae and fruits extracts. 

This was followed by an exfoliant cream which helped to smooth away imperfections, and improve radiance and uniformity.

She then applied the serum and continued with a 20-minute “manual facelift” – done solely by hand – involving deep, rhythmic stimulation to “reoxygenate” muscles in the face, neck and décolleté to help regain their structural qualities and original properties. The face fitness session involved deep tissue massaging, pinching and firm pulling, and was undoubtedly one of the most intense massages I’ve experienced. 

While it was a little uncomfortable, I was assured that the serum would help to stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen to help combat signs of ageing. Once the session was over (much to my relief), my skin did feel firmer.

Thereafter, the Ultimate Time solution mask was applied. This is made from pure cellulose infused with hyaluronic acid and age reverse complex, comprising algae hormones and Egyptian fig extract. While the mask was on, Thomas performed a massage on the hands and arms to enhance the ritual. Half an hour later, the treatment ended with the application of the face cream, and eye and lip cream. My skin felt hydrated, lifted and had a radiant glow.

New source of hydration

Thalgo also has a new range out, the Thalgo Source Marine, a hydra-marine skincare range that revitalises skin from within. The skincare range, which is touted to provide 24-hour hydration, is created for all walks of life, transcending age or skin type.

Source Marine features three innovations: Seve Bleue Des Oceans for intense hydration, A Well of Vital Water where dermal water is drawn from within and then captured at the heart of cells to boost natural hydration, and Lumisource to regenerate skin’s radiance and luminosity potential.

Products under the range include the rich cream Absolute Hydra-Marine concentrate, a 24H serum which focuses on reducing oxidised proteins to reactivate the skin’s natural detoxification process, while the 24H gel cream helps to moisturise, remineralise and revive skin luminosity. There’s also the radiance-boosting mask, enriched with two hyaluronic acids to plump skin, and a Perfect Glow Primer to help diminish the appearance of pores and conceal surface irregularities.

Thalgo Exception Ultime and Thalgo Source Marine are available at authorised Thalgo outlets. Source Marine is priced from RM185. For details, call 03-5569 3113 or visit

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