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Yikes, freckles!

I’m 27 this year. I used to have flawless skin which only broke out in mild pimples occasionally, just before my monthly menstruation. However, three years ago, I developed light freckles, which didn’t really bother me. But recently, I’ve noticed that they’re getting darker and increasing in size, and that worries me.

I have a daily skincare regimen, and apply a moisturiser and sunblock diligently. I tried the natural remedy of using lemon juice to lighten the dark spots but it’s not working for me.

I’m tempted to go for laser treatment, but I know the pigmentation will probably return. I’ve been watching my diet and trying to eat healthy foods. What more can I do? — Vanessa

According to Liew Suet Funn, Lancome senior product manager, freckles are caused by concentrated melanin grouping together and these are more visible on fair complexions. Upon exposure to the sun, freckles tend to get darker because the melanin which causes the freckles are susceptible to UV rays.

It’s essential to have a complete brightening regimen, including UV protection, and add foods with brightening properties to your diet. The most indispensable product in a brightening regimen is a dark spot eraser.

Lancôme has recently launched the first parameters (this encompasses a reduction in number and size, colour-correction, contrast and intensity) with remarkable long-lasting effects. The new Blanc Expert Melanolyser III pushes the boundaries of whitening efficacy with a breakthrough technology that targets both the melanocytes and their environment.

The formula acts on skin pigmentation through the newly developed MEL System (Melanolysis, Export and Liberate). In order to optimise melanolysis, the new added ingredient of red dulse reinforces the power of yeast in melanolysis. The formula encourages the export of melanosomes to keratinocytes and liberates the skin from inflammation messengers, which cause hyperpigmentation.

Besides Melanolyser III, you can begin the brightening regimen with Blanc Expert Ultimate Whitening Purifying Foam, followed by Blanc Expert Ultimate Whitening Refining Beauty Lotion. After that, apply the Melanolyser III to the whole face and thereafter apply a moisturiser, either the Blanc Expert Emulsion or Cream. Complete the routine with a sun protector, Lancome UV Expert XL Shield. Once or twice a week, add a mask to your routine such as the Bio-Cellulose Mask or the Sun Loving Zone Mask.

You can incorporate honey, lemon, almond or papaya in your diet to aid the brightening process.

Lancome will be giving Vanessa a Blanc Expert Melanolyser III worth RM370.

I am a 21-year-old guy with oily skin. This issue has troubled me for years and it affects my appearance.

I’ve a very severe case of blackheads on my nose. It resembles a strawberry with seeds! I have tried nose strips and painfully squeezing out blackheads after my basic cleanse, tone and moisturising routine, but they persist.

Every weekend, I will need to remove them painfully just to look good for a short while. Then, the cycle repeats itself. Is there a solution? — Max

Laneige beauty trainer, Camiellia Choo says that blackheads are caused by an overproduction of sebum, common in people with oily skin. If left untreated, blackheads can develop into pimples or acne.

It’s important for those with blackheads to have a deep cleansing routine daily. Lather the cleanser with ample water so that the molecule is fine enough to deep cleanse the pores. Facial cleansers which are not lathered properly will cause dryness and won’t cleanse efficiently.

Laneige’s Pore Deep Cleansing Foam contains Morrocan Ghassoul Clay that deep cleanses and smoothens the skin. It also helps to use a deep clay cleansing mask once or twice a week to remove impurities and excess sebum. Laneige’s Pore Minimizing Pack is a fast drying cooling mask with Ghassoul clay, salicylic acid and Neem leaf extract, that helps purify and deep cleanse the skin.

You can also soften the blackheads by using Laneige’s Pore Blackhead Melting Gel. This gel contains keratinase to melt away blackheads and whiteheads. It comes with a silicon massager that gently removes excess sebum and blackheads. It is safe to be used daily together with Laneige’s Pore Blackhead Pore Strip and an ideal method of removal instead of painfully extracting them with a tool.

Your skin also needs to be constantly hydrated despite having oily skin as it will produce more oil if the surface is dry and dehydrated. This is because the skin’s nerve endings will send a signal to your brain to produce more oil when the surface is dry. Also, use an Active Water Sleeping Pack twice a week for optimal hydration.

Laneige will be giving Max a Pore Clearing Gel and an Active Water Sleeping Pack, altogether worth RM165.

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