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Dunst something right

Down town girl: Kirsten Dunst sports the sexy, dishevelled look for L’Oréal Professionnel’s latest campaign ad.

Down town girl: Kirsten Dunst sports the sexy, dishevelled look for L’Oréal Professionnel’s latest campaign ad.

The new face for L’Oréal Professionnel is an every day kind of girl.

THEY don’t call it crowning glory for nothing. Question is, how far would you go if you were asked to go bald?

If Kirsten Dunst was uncomfortable when asked whether she would shave her head for a movie role, she hid it well.

The freshly appointed L’Oréal Professionnel (LP) product ambassador jested: “If Quentin Tarantino wants me to act in one of his movies, we’ll make some miracle wigs or a serum to make my hair grow back faster; like in one minute,” drawing laughter from everyone in the room.

In fact, all the questions from the various media groups who were in Paris last month for the unveiling of the brand’s first ever ambassador, were rewarded with quick, witty responses from the actress.

For instance, the way she dodged one cheeky query: Who do you think is the best kisser on screen?

While most of us waited with bated breath for the juicy answer, she said: “I think I’m pretty good at kissing, so they are the lucky ones,” disappointing the whole bunch of reporters!

As she sat cross-legged on a couch in the fancy five-star Le Meurice Hotel suite opposite the Tuileries Garden – garbed in a long, black Louis Vuitton dress – Dunst was a picture of regal beauty: elegant and poised. However, unlike icy Hollywood darlings, she readily engaged everyone with her lengthy, well-thought-out and humorous replies,

No stranger to fame, the actress practically grew up under the spotlight after being cast in Woody Allen’s Oedipus Wrecks when she was six. Dunst has been given yet another role to play: she has been appointed the first ever international spokesperson for LP.

“I’ve always liked make-up and hair products, and anything which made me feel more beautiful. I’ve always known the importance of hair. Watching my mum get her hair done at salons, I’d mix the bowl for her hairdressers and they’d put in some highlights on my hair. I used to think it was so cool,” Dunst, 32, shared.

“The company (LP) has been around for so long and has such a long history. I can’t believe they’ve never had an international spokesperson. To me, it is special and I feel honoured. I don’t feel pressured because I think they chose me for who I am, so I don’t have to be anything I’m not,” she added.

Best known as Mary Jane Watson, the love interest of Peter Parker in the Spiderman trilogy, Dunst is said to be prepared to radically transform her mane from reddish tones to being a bright blonde for her movie roles.

“Definitely, in my work as an actress, I have to change looks and hairstyles all the time. Some of us aren’t lucky to stay as blonde as when we were teenagers, so we have to get our hair highlighted. I’ve also changed my hair colour a bit, because everyone approaches blondes differently,” she quipped.

“It can take a little wear and tear in your hair, so it’s important to have the right products to nourish and keep it healthy.

So, what was her favourite product from the brand?

“I think the Beach Waves is what I relate to the most,” Dunst said, naming one of LP’s latest products , said to leave users with a sexy tousled, after-beach look.

“It really makes the prettiest waves and lasts a long time. Also, (I like) Mythic Oil.”

Kirsten Dunst in Lars Von Trier's Melancholia
Dunst in Lars von Trier’s Melancholia for which she won the Best Actress Award in the 64th Cannes Film Festival in 2011.

Latest movie

Dunst’s latest project, The Two Faces Of January, a thriller – which is in its post-production and due to be released this year – is based on a 1964 novel by Patricia Highsmith.

It is a directorial debut for screenwriter Hossein Amini, an adaptation-expert whose recent works include Snow White And The Huntsman and 47 Ronin.

When asked what moves her to accept certain roles, Dunst elaborated: “Sometimes, for me, it is the script. The Two Faces Of January had such brilliant script, even though it was director Hossein Amini’s directorial debut. But, he is a well-known writer.

“I love Hos’ aesthetics and taste, and what he has envisioned for the film. But then, it’s hard too, as not many directors write leads for women. My role isn’t the lead, even though I’m the only woman (in the movie).

“I’m attracted to the material, but mostly it’s the director, I must say,” Dunst said.

So, what type of directors makes her tick?

“I’m all over the place. As long as it’s something interesting to play, and I believe the filmmaker will possibly make something great. I want to be part of great films. I mean, who doesn’t?” she laughed.

“You never know what it’s going to be. You can only hope that the chemistry between the people can make something wonderful.”

Creative new campaign

Dunst’s hot, funky campaign ad has proven to be spot-on for LP’s new outlook this year.

The cool, grungy image was the brainchild of Anthony Turner, the brand’s new Hairstyling Ambassador.

The British hairstylist, who bears a dashing resemblance to Adam Levine, gave some insights on how he achieved the look for Dunst.

“Scruff Me and damp hair,” he stated matter-of-factly. (Scruff Me is among the new Wild Stylers by Techni.Art range products that profers the down town, rock ‘n’ roll look.)

“I’ve always liked the day-before-night hair. There’ something cool about it, you know, when you don’t wash your hair for a few days ... that doesn’t sound correct,” laughed Turner, who is compelled by the manner in which sub-cultures use hairstyles to convey idealistic non-conformist notions.

“I didn’t overwork it but just used it on Kirsten’s damp hair, and let it dry naturally on its own. Then, I sent her off to get her make-up done. Then, I used the Next Day Hair which is like a mattifier. It’s like using dry shampoo without the powdery result,” Turner said. “These products are designed to help you achieve that kind of (dishevelled) look without actually having dirty hair, if that makes sense.”

The hairstylist bonded easily with Dunst during photo shoots.

“Even though she’s a celebrity and a wonderful actress (she’s one of my favourites), I still think she’s the type of person who seems very relatable. She doesn’t feel untouchable and so far out of reach from the every day kind of girl.

“She’s very humble, cool and kind of real (almost), and for me that’s very important. We all know she’s Kirsten Dunst, but at the same time, you must feel like you can relate to her,” he continued, letting on how he introduced Candy Crush to Dunst, turning her into an addict.

Turner also loves Dunst’s tresses.

“I think she’s got great colour. I like the fact that it has a few different shades of blonde, which to me is cooler, a bit more rock ‘n’ roll. She has great hair to work with and suits the styles that I did for her,” he concluded.

The Wild Stylers by Techni.Art range products will be launched in Malaysia this April.

Crepage de chignon (Force 3)

A volume-boosting, mattifying hairspray enriched with micronised calcium carbonate and a non-iconic setting polymer to create XXL wild mane look.

Depolish (Force 3)

A destructuring paste to create a rough, raw effect. This malleable paste boasts an ultra-matte finish, letting you work and rework unlimited versions of hairstyles that’ll blow everyone’s mind.

Mythic Oil

Enriched with a special blend of avocado and grape seed oil, this lightweight oil cares and pampers all hair types. Nourishing even the finest hair, the formula leaves hair looking shiny, feeling nourished and supple.

Kirsten’s favourite product, Beach Waves, will not be launched in Malaysia.

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