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Skin's moisture potential

Delicious recipe: Watermelon, apple and cucumber extracts are some of the key ingredients found in the essence lotion.

Delicious recipe: Watermelon, apple and cucumber extracts are some of the key ingredients found in the essence lotion.

When people say that you have thin skin, it’s not just a figure of speech.

DRY skin has been blamed for a multitude of sins of the complexion, ranging from allergies to wrinkles and other ageing signs. It’s not exactly the most attractive of looks to sport, but looking on the bright side, those with dry skin seldom experience breakouts!

The condition is characterised by a lack of moisture on the epidermis (the upper layer of the skin), usually resulting in a dull, rough skin that’s flaky and scaly in texture, which may sometimes itch as well. While it’s not something that’s exclusive to any age, older folks and those living in cold countries are typically more prone to dry skin.

It’s hardly detrimental compared with other more serious skin concerns, and a problem that’s easily solved with the right use of emolients.

But what if there’s more to dry skin than just not drinking enough water? Genetics, apparently, has a role to play in affecting how our skin reacts to certain conditions.

Studies on skin physiology have shown that Asian skins are more sensitive and susceptible to irritation and dehydration due to a thinner skin barrier. This may explain why Asian babies sometimes have irritated dry skin, even at a very early age.

According to Dr Tom Mammone, executive director of Skin Physiology and Pharmacology, Clinique Research & Development, Worldwide, when skin does not have enough hydration and moisture, not only does it feel uncomfortable, it will be more susceptible to harmful environmental assaults.

Dr Tom Mammone says Asian skin tends to be thinner and thus more prone to dry skin.
Dr Ton Mammone says Asian skin tends to be thinner and thus more prone to dry skin.

“Skin hydration is extremely important in allowing the skin to function properly and maintain its barrier. A proper barrier protects us from the external environment and helps to keep the skin look young, supple and radiant,” he explained in a press statement.

Given this scenario, Clinique has formulated a lotion specially for Asian skin to unlock the skin’s “moisture potential” so that it stays hydrated.

Its new product, the Even Better Essence Lotion, contains a breakthrough NMF Complex said to unlock the skin’s moisture potential so that it is hydrated, not only instantly, but in the long term, too. It is claimed to have brightening ingredients which “awaken dull skin” and improve overall radiance.

A first for Clinique, the new watery essence lotion establishes the foundation for healthy radiant skin with the breakthrough NMF Complex that helps increase the production of the essential building blocks of skin’s natural moisturising factors (NMFs).

“The NMF Complex is a blend of botanical ingredients including watermelon, apple and lentil extracts that work to increase filaggrin production in the skin. (Filaggrin is a simple molecule found in the surface of the skin that is essential for hydration balance and moisturisation in the skin.)

“Cucumber extract activates skin’s natural Caspase-14 enzymes to help process filaggrin into essential amino acids that can be readily used by the skin leading to soft, supple, hydrated skin with beautiful kimé (which means skin texture in Japanese),” said Dr Mammone.

Clinique Even Better Essence Lotion moisturises, brightens and calms the skin.

Trehalose and hyaluronic acid also hydrate the skin, leaving it plump and comfortable throughout the day.

Naturally, a healthy, regulated kimé creates an even, glowing skin that reflects light, and is soft and smooth to the touch.

In addition to hydrating and supporting the skin’s barrier functions, the essence lotion is touted to improve overall skin radiance, luminosity and translucency with brightening actives such as Scutellaria Baicalensis Root, apple and cucumber extracts. Along with these actives, there’s also glucosamine that helps promote cell renewal to reveal an even smoother complexion.

Anti-irritation agents such as sucrose and caffeine (known for their calming and soothing benefits), Cladosiphon Okamuranus and algae extracts (shown to provide exceptional calming and soothing benefits) and tamarindus indica seed extract (known for anti-inflammatory properties) help to quell irritation that may lead to future darkening of the skin.

“Even Better Essence Lotion doesn’t contain any of the correcting actives found in the Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector. However, the essence lotion is supposed to work in synergy with the latter as the serum works best when applied to skin that is fully moisturised and prepared for the delivery of concentrated ingredients.

“The essence lotion works to supersaturate and moisturise skin so that the serum has its best chance of getting into the skin. At four weeks (in a clinical test), skin’s moisture is improved by 21% and skin kimé is visibly improved,” Dr Mammone elaborated.

Two distinct formulas with customised benefits for different skin types are available:

> Skin type 1 & 2 formula has a luxuriously milky texture and contains special hydrators for drier skins such as olive squalane, barley and wheat germ extracts, and jojoba esters to help keep skin hydrated and supple.

> Skin Type 3 & 4 formula has a refreshingly lightweight texture and contains laminaria saccharina extract to normalise excess sebum production over time.

To be used in tandem with Clinique’s signature Three-Step skincare system, the essence lotion is recommended to be applied twice daily after cleaning and clarifying, and then follow up with a moisturiser.

Over time, skin is claimed to stay hydrated, smooth and luminous, with a visible difference to the skin texture.

> Price: RM125. Available at all Clinique counters.

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