Monday, 28 July 2014 | MYT 12:25 AM

Burger burglars caught on tape, leave undies behind

Three bare burglars burgle beef. Only in Florida is that not a tongue twister but the latest true crime.

Occurring at Doc’s Beach House in Bonita Springs, in the US state of Florida, in the middle of the night on July 19, three young men are seen on video roaming around the restaurant's kitchen in their underwear and taking a case of hamburgers and some red capsicum from the refrigerator, according to Lee County sheriff spokesman Tony Schall.

Then, mysteriously, they strip off their underwear and walk around the kitchen nude awhile longer before leaving. Did they purposely want to leave clues? Were their underwear supposed to make up for the inconvenience — not to mention bewilderment — they caused? The authorities and restaurant owners are as baffled as you. 

"I have a feeling that we're being watched, dude." "Cool." "Makes me wanna strip all the way down." "How about them buns? We can't have burgers without buns?"

Although photos from the security camera are being posted widely on the Internet, only two tips have come in so far, says Schall, with no one apparently recognising the faces. But how about the other body parts? Don't they ring a bell? No?

Investigators might never uncover the culprits, says Schall, adding that officers suspect the three may have been tourists. Tourists? Good gracious! But from where? The Nudist Republic? — Reuters

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