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'Patient, heal thyself': Shiv Yog master Avdhood Baba Shivanand Ji

Cosmic healer: Avdhood Baba Shivanand Ji, or Babaji, thinks that the root cause of every disease is psychosomatic. Fear, hatred and sad incidents could be the root causes of diseases.

Cosmic healer: Avdhood Baba Shivanand Ji, or Babaji, thinks that the root cause of every disease is psychosomatic. Fear, hatred and sad incidents could be the root causes of diseases.

An Indian master healer is on a "divine" mission to not just heal people but to teach them to heal themselves and others.

Master healer and meditation guru Avdhood Baba Shivanand Ji, a.k.a. Babaji, is trying to revive Shiv Yog, a cosmic science that encompasses the art and science of healing our body, mind and soul. He hopes “people can learn about healing themselves and others and become happier”. He wants us to know we have “infinite potential” within to heal ourselves.

A self-realised master – having achieved full understanding of his physical and spiritual capabilities for the betterment of himself (and others) – Babaji is known as the Father of Indian healing. He has been teaching Shiv Yog since 1995 and travels the world on a mission to heal humanity. Millions have attended his seminars and events in India and elsewhere. He's not written any books, but CDs of his talks are available and his videos are posted on YouTube at the official ShivYog Channel for the Shiv Yog Foundation.

Babaji was born in Delhi and grew up in Rajasthan. He declines to reveal his age, saying: “Never ask the age. When the body consciousness merges with the soul consciousness, the soul has no age.” Babaji’s wife, Guru Ma, is always by his side at his seminars, sharing the same agenda.

A father of two, Babaji’s son and disciple, Acharya Ishan Shivanandji, who looks like a younger version of his dad, is on the same mission. He's a young spiritual master who's had intensive spiritual training from his father. Ishan has written on the Internet: “Babaji has always lived by his preachings and with Guru Ma by his side. As Babaji teaches us about unconditional love, Guru Ma gives us a living example of selfless service.”

Babaji’s daughter, Gitangli, also practises Shiv Yog.

Power Of Unconditional Love

According to the ShivYog website, Shiv means infinite and Yog means union. So Shiv Yog implies union with the infinite. Practised since the Vedic age, Shiv Yog teaches self-awakening. Babaji says all our actions, thoughts, words and incidents are governed by the energy around us. Worldly success, as well as physical, mental and emotional health, are all dependent on our energy level.

Shiv Yog healing is “the unconditional love of the higher forces which helps negate the karmic factors which cause the negative energy in an individual”. Spiritually, Shiv Yog can help us ascend into a higher consciousness and dimension while activating our inner eye or “third eye” intuitive powers. This “divine” energy can supposedly activate self-healing powers of the body by triggering systematic and timely secretions from various organs. Seemingly, it also removes deeply entrenched fears, phobias and traumas. Shiv Yog is said to promote longevity, youthfulness, happiness and a better quality of life.

Babaji is on a month-long visit to Malaysia, which includes a tour of KL, Seremban, Ipoh and Penang. He conducted a two-day "Science Beyond Science" seminar for 80 doctors and patients in KL. Since 2009, Babaji has conducted over 10 such seminars for more than 3,000 doctors in India and the US. He's eager to engage doctors to document changes that occur before and after a person receives Shiv Yog.

Healing Energy

In an exclusive interview with us, at a country resort in KL, Babaji says that the root cause of every disease is psychosomatic (i.e. involving mind and body), and that fear, hatred and sad incidents could be the root causes of diseases. “I’m teaching (my followers) to see what is happening in their lives,” he says, citing that suppressed anger could be a root cause of a cyst in a woman’s liver. During the seminar, Babaji said: “I sent healing vibrations to her, and was also teaching the doctors.” 

He concedes that it's possible to cure diseases when combining modern medicine with Shiv Yog.  Doctors who practise Shiv Yog can start projecting this healing energy onto their patients to heal them. His contention is that three aspects are involved in treating the sick: patient, medicine and doctor.

“While the patient is passive, the doctor has knowledge of modern medicine. And if he practises Shiv Yog as well, he becomes the living medicine and the patient can activate the dormant healing power,” Babaji says, adding that every human has a self-healing power.

SRL Laboratory at Fortis Hospital in Faridabad, India, conducted thousands of tests using ultra-modern equipment on more than one thousand subjects to study the effect of Shiv Yog on human physiology. They recorded that 65% of participants experienced significant improvement, 26% moderate improvement and 9% no improvement.

Patients with various health issues like diabetes, heart disease and hypertension seek out Babaji for healing. One seminar tailored for diabetics was attended by 4,000 people. In a healing demonstration of patients in the presence of doctors and medical equipment, Babaji claims “cysts disappeared and tumours shrank”.

The revered spiritual master is regarded as an embodiment of unconditional love and divine wisdom. At one juncture during our interview, Babaji expressed reluctance to take credit for the healings. “I don’t heal but people get healed – cancer, heart, asthmatic patients, even those with eczema,” he says, explaining that what he does actually is “activating the dormant healing power (within an individual)”.

He explains: “If I’m doing the healing, the person will be dependent (on me). But if I teach people how to merge with the infinite (during Shiv Yog) and as they practise, the infinite healing starts unfolding.”

Babaji tells the story of a teen who was recommended surgery by her doctor after physiotherapy failed. She suffered a swollen knee for seven months and was in pain. She sought Babaji’s help to heal her when he came to Malaysia. “Today, she said she can bend her knee and feels so much better. I advised her that after 10 days (of healing), to go back to her doctor (to get his opinion again on whether surgery is still necessary),” he says.

The girl’s mum will take her to the doctor after Hari Raya.

It takes five to six days to practise self-healing, says Babaji. The time for healing to occur varies from 20 minutes to eight days. When deep healing takes places, “miraculous signs” occur. Babaji reckons that humans are becoming weak and vulnerable to disease because they’re disconnecting with God. “I’m teaching people to remain connected with the soul and God so that they can enjoy modernisation better.”

Spiritual Path

At age eight, Babaji witnessed his meditation master – a great Himalayan yogi, Jagannath Swammi – revive a dying person. When he enquired about the healing, the yogi decided to initiate him. “He never told me that he was going to make me a healer,” says Babaji, whose parents were very spiritual.

Thereafter, he went to sacred places in India for meditation and studied under three great masters. Over time, Babaji attained his healing powers. “My father died when I was very young and I saw my mother practising meditation. The late master was my mother’s guru,” says Babaji, the youngest of seven siblings and the only one pursuing the spiritual path.

One day, when he was “very young”, Babaji discovered his healing powers. It all began when a prominent person came to his house crying because of his daughter’s ailment. She was “hale and hearty” one moment and the next, she was “breathless due to asthma”. Babaji cured the girl. From then on, he decided to heal more people.

Babaji’s Hobbies

At his ashram in Rajasthan, Babaji meditates most of the time. “My hobby is to feed the poor and the old. I go to the villages. I feed thousands of them every day,” he says. “I also protect cows and have created a home for more than 250 abandoned cows. They’re part of my family.” Babaji enjoys seeing young calves run with their mothers on the grazing fields. “It’s nice to see their emotions.”

He loves children, too. “All over the world, Shiv Yog is sending love to the children, sending food and toys.” 

Shiv Yog is expanding across all the continents. “We’re teaching (the followers) that our inner power is unconditional love, acceptance and helping others. We’re spreading this message because such practices (love, mercy and loving kindness) can activate your healing power,” says Babaji.

He adds: “I’m awakening the spirituality factor that has become dormant in everyone. People from various religions can come to Shiv Yog. Shiv Yog has a synergistic effect. People say their religious practices have become deeper after knowing Shiv Yog. Let’s say a glass of milk represents people from different religious faiths. Shiv Yog is the sugar. Add in sugar and the milk becomes sweeter.”

To heal people, Babaji connects with the universe. “The universe, the infinite source of healing energy, flows through me. No matter how many people receive healing (energy) from me, I become more energetic!” And the guru emphasises that his healing energy “does not get depleted; only enhanced”.

Babaji’s Deep Healing Meditation Retreat takes place on July 25-30, 9am-6pm, at Kompleks Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah, SJK (C) Chee Wen School, in Subang Jaya, Selangor. For details, check his website.

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