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Fantastic Joe at Coffea Coffee

Coffea Coffee is a place to try some of the world’s best coffees. – Art Chen/The Star

Coffea Coffee is a place to try some of the world’s best coffees. – Art Chen/The Star

Coffee lovers can now enjoy single-origin coffees at Coffea Coffee.

Most of us have experienced it. We know how it feels. And tastes. That agonising bitterness which lingers in your mouth like an unwanted guest. You try to wash it down with another gulp. But that proves to be a mistake. The bitterness intensifies.

This is coffee brewing gone wrong. Black coffee to be precise. It could be the roasting method, the grinding or even the water temperature. But the fact remains. You get one thing wrong and the whole drink turns bad.

But imagine something altogether different. It’s quite unlike what you’ve tasted before. The moment you sniff it, you’d know there’s something else to it. A sweet and almost floral scent. Jasmine, probably.

The first gulp is smooth and silky. Nothing robust, nothing overwhelming. Just a hint of citrusy aftertaste.

Coffea offers a wide range of single-origin coffee and special blends.
Coffea offers a wide range of single-origin coffee and special blends.

This is the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee and for Eyas Shamim, a manager of Coffea Coffee, it is his favourite.

“I like it because it’s very light and has a floral aroma. For me, the aroma is really important and all our coffees have a fantastic range of aromas,” said the 21-year-old Eyas.

He believes this will be a good beverage for those sceptical about coffees as it is free of any bitter aftertaste and it’s mild. However, he insists that the Yirgacheffe, or any black coffee for that matter, should be taken with no sugar.

“Sugar ruins the taste of coffee,” Eyas said.

The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and several other single-origin coffees are the pride and glory of Coffea and its director Reuben Valentine reckons this gives the café, a relatively new one in the market, an edge.

“We are the largest carrier of single-origins and in the coffee world, if your café has Yirgacheffe coffee, it’s like parking a Bentley on your front porch,” Reuben cheekily said.

But for the purists and those who prefer full-bodied coffee, the Indonesia Sumatra Mandheling, another single-origin, is a good choice. The rich aroma and the strong taste will immediately lift you up and the dark-chocolate aftertaste will pleasantly surprise you.

What makes these single-origin coffees pleasant to taste is that they are not overwhelming or overly robust. Their aroma is simply rich and mesmerising and they’re light.

Reuben attributes this to Coffea’s preparation method.

“Most Malaysian coffee is milk-based and what’s stopping people from having black coffee is that they think it’s too strong, too thick or too bitter.

“For those reasons, we have introduced different methods of making coffee such as hand-drip, and using the Aeropress and Hario, which makes the coffee light,” Reuben said.

Besides the single-origins, Reuben said Coffea’s special house blend makes it a strong contender and an attraction for coffee drinkers. Named Maestro and Madonna, the two house blends cater to different needs.

“We understand that coffee can be a very selective beverage for people to have. Some are conscious of the caffeine content. So, if you need to kick-start your morning, Maestro would be the right choice as it’s full bodied and strong.

“But if you want to have coffee later in the evening and you don’t want to stay awake the whole night, Madonna would be the best choice because it’s much lighter and milder,” Reuben explained.

The café, which opened on 12 December 2012, also offers a range of non-coffee beverages such as the green tea latte, the peanut butter latte and orange chocolate latte.

The orange chocolate latte was exceptionally good. One sip was enough to savour the richness of the beverage. It wasn’t too thick, as some chocolate drinks tend to be and the chocolate and orange blended wonderfully. Neither overwhelmed the other. You can taste both the chocolate and the orange, creating a surreal experience.

Petra Ong, the executive chef of Coffea’s outlet at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, said the café’s red velvet cake would go well with the orange chocolate latte.

“The cream cheese has a tinge of sourness and this blends well with the orange flavour in the latte.

“At Coffea, we don’t make the coffee to suit the dessert. We actually make the dessert to suit the coffee,” Ong, 23, pointed out.

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to cafés. One seems to sprout at every corner. But what makes the difference is the attention and care given to brew the perfect cup of coffee and Coffea Coffee seems to be a proponent of that. Drinking coffee is an experience and this café will offer you just that.

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Coffea Coffee

Lot LG1.106, 

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

Bandar Sunway, Selangor. 

Tel: 03-5613 6993

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