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Twist & Bake: Dessert mixes in a jar

Some of the Twist & Bake products from Craft Kitchen.

Some of the Twist & Bake products from Craft Kitchen.

Craft Kitchen has put together ingredients for cookies and brownies for bakers who want convenience.

This arts and crafts business has come up with dessert mixes in a jar, called “Twist & Bake”.

The line of desserts includes Chocolate Brownie, Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, and Cranberry White Chocolate Cookie, all priced at RM19.90. There’s also a Hot Cocoa Drink for RM14.90.

Besides these recipes, Craft Kitchen also comes up with special editions for festive seasons like Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day.

The jars are filled with the dry ingredients, along with instructions for the additional ingredients (for example, eggs and butter) as well as how to make the desserts. According to Craft Kitchen’s Kylee Lee, the creator of these dessert recipes, only natural ingredients are used.

Craft Kitchen, Twist and Bake products

She provided The Star with three of the mixes to try out: the brownie, oatmeal raisin cookie and cocoa drink.

If you’ve used cake mixes from longstanding companies such as Duncan Hines and Pillsbury, which come in packs of about 500g each, you might not be convinced with the products from Craft Kitchen – the bottles they come in are the size of a normal jam jar.

But dump the ingredients into a mixing bowl, and it’s obvious that the ingredients in the kits have been packed in compactly.

I tried out the brownies, and passed them around the office. I will say that they had that desirable crisp top and my colleagues had only good things to say about them.

However, I do think the instructions could be an issue. The recipe required the addition of two eggs and 66g of butter. Now, I use a digital scale for all my baking, but if I were a casual baker looking for convenience, this would put me off.

My colleague Ivy Soon doesn’t bake much and thought a mix would be helpful. She made the cookie which calls for 67g of butter and, get this, half an egg. In the end, she just dumped the whole egg in and ended up with a runny mixture.

Ivy says: “If you want to make it convenient for people, the first thing is not to confuse them.”

All these issues aside, we do appreciate that is a small home-based outfit which relies on face-to-face encounters at food bazaars and social networking to get the word out and for promotion, so there is that personal touch and the opportunity to directly engage with the potential customer.

Find Craft Kitchen at – Jane F. Ragavan

This is a personal opinion and not an endorsement by The Star.

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