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Taco Bell enters breakfast turf with waffle taco

Taco Bell's Waffle Taco. - Taco Bell/AFP

Taco Bell's Waffle Taco. - Taco Bell/AFP

Fast food chain also considering longer breakfast hours.

FAST food joints Taco Bell and McDonald’s are hoping to snag more customers for the most important meal of the day – and the fastest growing industry segment – by offering up new breakfast items like a waffle taco and expanding their hours.

Taco Bell has just released details of its newest breakfast menu that will include a Waffle Taco, a portable breakfast sandwich that eats like a taco: a warm waffle is wrapped around a sausage patty or bacon, scrambled eggs, cheese, and a side of maple syrup served in place of ketchup or hot sauce.

The sweet and savoury all-in-one breakfast sandwich is similar in concept to McDonald’s sausage McGriddle cakes. Burger King is likewise reportedly testing chicken and waffle sandwiches in parts of the US.

Taco Bell's AM Crunchwrap. – Taco Bell/AFP

The AM version of Taco Bell’s savoury Crunchwrap Supreme, meanwhile, is made with scrambled eggs, hash browns, melted cheese, bacon, sausage or steak, all wrapped in a warm flour tortilla.

The menu also includes a breakfast version of a burrito.

The new products are part of Taco Bell’s largest menu expansion in the fast food chain’s history and will be available across the US beginning March 27.

The overall strategy likewise speaks to an emerging trend: namely, that the most important meal of the day has also become the fastest-growing market in the industry.

Case in point: McDonald’s has also said it is reconsidering its breakfast hours which normally end at 10.30am.

Though details are sparse, a spokesperson told Associated Press that the company is “looking into” the prospect of expanding breakfast hours – long considered a logistical nightmare – notably during the weekends. – AFP Relaxnews

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