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Menswear: What's been sewn at Burton, Ben Sherman, Fred Petty and Camel Active

Camel Active takes inspiration from functional workwear.

Camel Active takes inspiration from functional workwear.

Get out of the closet. That's what you should say to your old clothes, so you can stuff these Spring/Summer 2014 men's collection into it instead.

Most Malaysian men, in general, are not used to updating their wardrobe with each new fashion season, though it's not an issue of not being able to find the right clothes. Men’s fashion has grown as colourful and as varied as women’s styles. Men's fashion provides for all types, too – dandies, preppies, sleek professionals, even roughhewn workmen.

Take Fred Perry. The brand’s current Authentic collection is an exploration of classic silhouettes, patterns and design details. Its signature styles have been made contemporary with graphic stories, so expect a clever use of stand-out patterns and detailing. Among its highlights are Breton stripes, blown-up and incorporated with ginghams, and twin-colour combinations used as a base for knit patterns and pique prints. As part of an ongoing project, some Fred Perry garments have also been reworked with distinguished prints sourced from Drake’s London (a design house renowned for hand-crafting printed accessories for over 40 years).

Fred Perry.

Burton Menswear has debuted a spring/summer collection that's stylish and plays on the concept of cohesive design. This includes Tropical Ranger, which tackles the challenges of urban living. Vivid floral prints and flashes of colour are teamed with khaki, pebble and stone to create the sense of a steely but painted city. Rich hues dominate the Botanical collection. The most striking details and daring pieces from this collection includes its tailoring in teal and cobalt, and its exquisitely slim suits.

Burton Menswear.

Ben Sherman features a heavy use of sparkling colours to make for some attractive outfits. The Parachute collection draws inspiration from the skeletal frame of a parachute, utilising nylon as its fabric of choice while incorporating the brand's classic check. This can be seen in the overlays of its shirts, jackets and blazers. When it comes to shades, sunset colours and nautical tones dominate, while graphite hues are matched with whites. There's even an illustrated parachutist print on the polo tops and shorts.

Ben Sherman.

Men can always bank on Camel Active for that rugged look. As always, the brand's collection is inherently masculine. For its new “vintage forester look”, it took inspiration from the flora, fauna and culture of Brazil. Colour-clashing effects, floral motifs, camouflage themes, the use of fonts and typographies all feature solidly. Its silhouettes are oriented towards classic menswear, with cotton, linen and leather as its main materials, giving the clothes a sense of authenticity and, at the same time, diversity.

Camel Active.

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