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Vampire vet from hell kept 'sick' dogs alive for blood-harvesting

A veterinarian in the US was charged with animal cruelty after several dogs that had been brought to his clinic to be euthanised were found alive and kept in squalid conditions, apparently to harvest their blood.

Millard Tierce, who operates Camp Bowie Animal Clinic in Fort Worth, Texas, turned himself into authorities on April 30 and was released on a US$10,000 bond, the police said the following day.

Local media said investigators have found five dogs that were supposed to be euthanised and which Tierce is suspected of keeping alive.

An owner of one of the dogs, Marian Harris, told the Fort Worth Star Telegram she believed her dog Sid had been euthanised last fall after Tierce diagnosed it with a degenerative spinal disease.

Harris was shocked when she found Sid alive and covered in filth at Tierce’s clinic, after she received a telephone tip-off from one of its staff named Mary Brewer. Brewer had alleged that the vet had been keeping the animals alive in cages to collect their blood for transfusions.

“The biggest hurt in all of this is the deception and what it means with something that means so much to you,” Harris told the newspaper.

Accused vet Millard Tierce pictured next to Sid, the 'sick' dog he allegedly kept alive to extract its blood for transfusions. 

According to the media report, Tierce’s other clients are divided in their support for the vet, with some voicing support for the veteran doctor who they’ve been taking their pets to for more than 30 years.

However, a lawyer representing Harris said that he knew of at least three of Tierce’s past clients who have lodged reports of complaint to the state’s veterinary board.

Meanwhile, Tierce himself dismissed the allegations, claiming that Brewer is making up lies about him because of a past misunderstanding. He also said that he couldn’t euthanise Sid because he didn’t have the heart to.

The Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners will hold a hearing before May 14 to decide whether Tierce’s license will be revoked. His license is currently suspended. – Reuters

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