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Shark drags man on 2-hour kayak joyride; video on YouTube

Extreme angler Adam Fisk was towed by a 3.4m-long hammerhead shark for almost 20km out to sea – in only his kayak.

A hammerhead shark dragged a college student in his kayak up the Atlantic coast for a two-hour “South Florida sleigh ride” that the kayaker taped with a head-mounted camera and posted on YouTube.

Adam Fisk, 22, posted a five-minute clip of his adventure titled “Lone Man Gets Towed for Miles in Kayak by 11-Foot Hammerhead Shark.” At 3:45 minutes into the video, Fisk dunked the camera into the water and recorded the shark swimming ahead of the kayak.

A student at Florida Atlantic University, Fisk set out in a kayak on Sunday with several poles to go fishing before the shark took his bait near Boynton Beach, Florida.

“I threw my bait out and went to reel my other one in so I wouldn't get tangled, and I just had time to pick up the rod before the other one already got picked up by that hammer,” Fisk wrote on YouTube. “It must have been sitting right under me and I had no idea.”

Adam Fisk, who was taken for a ride on his kayak by a hammerhead shark at the end of his fishing rod, shared the YouTube video of his experience on his Facebook page. 

Fisk is a member of Team Rebel Fishing, a group of extreme anglers. The group estimated Fisk was dragged by the shark for 19km. Fisk told Reuters that the ride started out smoothly but turned frightening when the shark twice reversed course.

“It would do a 180-degree turn and come straight back at me and that really scared me because I couldn’t see it and I didn’t know if it was coming to bite me,” he said.

Fisk said he turned his kayak around until the line got taut and the shark began pulling again. He said the shark took him out to sea and around in circles, ending at Lake Worth, Florida.

“Hooked a hammerhead in (15m) of water and got dragged out to (76m),” Fisk posted in his Facebook account of the ride under the headline, “I took a South Florida sleigh ride today and I ain't talkin' Santa Claus.” – Reuters

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