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Keep away from trouble

ACCORDING to Taoist belief, every year of the Chinese 60-year calendar cycle is represented by a deity – a heavenly general who assists the Heavenly Jade Emperor to take charge of the mortal world for that year. These deities of the year carry the title of Tai Sui and each has a name. The Wood Horse Tai Sui is Zhang Ci.

It is believed that those whose zodiac signs clashed with the Tai Sui, will suffer ill luck. So they make a beeline to the temples to pray to the year’s deity for help to tide over a rough year.

This year, the Horse and the Rat will clash with Tai Sui. The Ox and the Rabbit will also be affected, said feng shui expert Yap Boh Chu, who predicts that in this Jia Wu (Wood Horse) year, the free-spirited and swift-footed Horse will bring with it “fires of creativity and change”.

Yap reckoned that those who are vigilant, careful and creative will enjoy success. For those unable to adapt or are too set in their ways, their fortune will take a turn for the worse.

Timing is all important. Yap said every action should be in accordance with the right timing and circumstances.

Zodiac signs which clash with Tai Sui can appease him by offering prayers at the temples. The ritual, sip Tai Sui (slipping a note to Tai Sui) is to implore the deity to overlook any slight against him.

Appeasing Tai Sui can be done at most Taoists temples within the first 15 days of the lunar new year.

In Kuala Lumpur, devotees flock to Sin Sze Si Ya Temple and Guan Di Temple, both at Jalan Tun H.S. Lee, Kuala Lumpur, to pray to Tai Sui.

In feng shui, Tai Sui refers to a specific compass direction affected by the planet Jupiter. In 2014, Yap said the direction of Tai Sui is South (compass bearing of 172.5° to 183.5°). Hence, one should avoid any disturbance or unnecessary activity in this location, for the whole year. Activities to avoid include renovations, moving of beds or any large furniture. Do not drill or hammer a nail into the wall (to avoid disturbing Tai Sui and court trouble or misfortune).

However, house owners with their main entrance in the South or facing South will enjoy a prosperous year.

Yap warned that Sui Poh or Year Breaker (compass direction in the opposite direction of Tai Sui; North at compass bearing of 353.5° to 7.5°) is more deadly than Tai Sui.

As most people are unable to be so exact in their measurements, it is safer to just refer to South for the direction of Tai Sui and North for Sui Poh.

This year, Sui Poh also coincides with San Sha (or 3 Killings) in the North.

According to Yap, San Sha is a direction that is of concern in feng shui. This direction shifts every year and this year, it is in the North.

So do not dig the ground, renovate, move heavy furniture, drill or hammer anything in the North of your property, as you may risk activating both Sui Poh and San Sha.

Every year, there will be two locations visited by the Disaster and Sickness stars. For 2014, the locations are in the North-West and East respectively.

Avoid any activity or disturbances in these two locations of your property.

“You may hear of advice to place certain objects in these two areas, but they are not really necessary. As long as you keep these two locations quiet, you will not encounter problems from these stars,” Yap added.

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