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Tuesday, 6 May 2014 | MYT 11:25 AM

Caution signs: 13 things to teach a child on spotting danger

Children may encounter danger when parents or guardians aren't around. But here are 13 tips to teach them about being ready for that situation.


1. Always go out in groups, with friends or siblings.

2. Shout for help loudly if you're in danger.

3. Ask for help from the nearest police station, or go to the concierge or security counter immediately, if you're lost in a shopping mall.

4. Remember the phone numbers for Dad, Mum, or other family members.

5. Keep a few coins in your pocket, in case you need to use a public phone.

6. Call 999 during emergencies – this is a free call, so you don’t need coins.


1. Don’t walk alone.

2. Don’t keep quiet if someone tries to grab you or take you somewhere against your will.

3. Don’t talk to strangers or take anything from them.

4. Don’t play in deserted or quiet areas.

5. Don’t write your name on your bag or clothes. Strangers who know your name can pretend to be your friend.

6. Don’t go anywhere without informing your Dad or Mum first.

7. Don’t wander around if you’re lost because it makes it harder for Dad or Mum to find you. 

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