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Dr Milton Lum


Recent and archived articles by Dr Milton Lum

Medicines for diabetes

26 April 2015

For diabetics who can’t control glucose levels with lifestyle measures, drugs are required.

When sepsis strikes

12 April 2015

Sepsis is a potentially life-threatening condition triggered by an infection, and must be detected and treated early.

The implications of health tourism

15 February 2015

There is active promotion of medical tourism by more than 50 governments, including Malaysia. The primary reason is that it is a growing source of foreign exchange.

Infections and water

18 January 2015

When there are natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes, access to safe water, adequate sanitation and hygiene are compromised. This leads to water-related infections.

The counterfeit menace

4 January 2015

The term ‘down and dirty’ best describes those peddling in fake medicines.

Confusion over GST and healthcare

7 December 2014

Our columnist wades into the murky waters of what is exempted from GST and what is not in the private healthcare sector.

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