Llawa The Dining Lounge is third on the list of top restaurants in Malaysia according to TripAdvisor travellers. - Photo from Llawa The Dining Lounge
Among the objects survey respondents reported taking from their hotel rooms were towels, robes, and sometimes even lamps. - Photo from AFP
Children embark on ⿿Jungle Rider⿝ and roam in Jungle Adventure to discover more about wildlife creatures such as tiger, bears and many more.
There's new ways to get into Sunway Lagoon. Photo from Sunway Lagoon

TripAdvisor reveals Asia’s top restaurants for local cuisines

Who steals from hotel rooms?

Family fun at i-City

This way to Sunway Lagoon

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All aboard: Online dating site is launching a real-life 'Love Boat'. - AFP

The love boat: Cruises for singles

6 September 2014

Online dating site helps singles find love on the high seas.

Airline crew more likely to get skin cancer

5 September 2014

Pilots and flight attendants may be at an increased risk of developing the most deadly form of skin cancer, suggests a new analysis.

The canals of Amsterdam and the beautiful views alongside them. - Photo from Reliance

West or East with Reliance

3 September 2014

Both Europe and the Orient has its own particular charms. Since it’s travel deals season, now would be the perfect time to book a vacation or two of your choice. (Sourced for Reliance)

Jokulsarlon Lagoon, Iceland - Photo from TripAdvisor

Beach please: Unique ones

3 September 2014

Here are 10 unique beaches you need to see to believe. Do they rock your boat?

Poolside at the Sapphire Princess. - Photo from Reliance

Cruises: You can rely on Reliance

1 September 2014

Are you up for cruise holidays within reach?

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Musings about a Bangkok hotel

9 November 2013

It is situated at a fashionable address, and is clearly classy and elegant.

Putting the pleasure back in business

12 October 2013

‘Bleasure’ – referring to business and leisure – is a growing trend among business travellers.

Five-star treatment at Hilton Phuket Arcadia

14 September 2013

Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort and Spa offers not just plush rooms but plenty of on-site activities for a fun-filled holiday.

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PLOY wins TripAdvisor award

6 August 2013

KL restaurant honoured with Certificate of Excellence.

Crazy about organic coffee

1 July 2013

During his involvement with non-governmental organisations across South-East Asia, Tan Jo Hann crossed paths with coffee-centric communities in different parts of the region.

Serving the best of both worlds

24 June 2013

Thai food is often associated with spicy tom yam but there is a wider selection of dishes than just that.

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