BloodRunner 2015 is a werewolf-themed, urban-obstacle nightrace in Putrajaya.
International airports, like the Tokyo Narita Airport, provide prayer rooms for people of all faiths. They can also be used for meditation, contemplation, reflection, silent thought or any spiritual activity.
Wacky wonders: The writer, Yeow doing a back-flip into the muddy waters below the obstacle, ‘Bad Plumbing’.

Watch out for ‘werewolves’ in Putrajaya

Star2 monthly challenge: The couch potatoes get fitter for the climb

Muslim tourism is a promising market

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Go visit the folks at the Shire in New Zealand and get in touch with your inner Hobbit. Photo: TripAdvisor

10 movie locations you can actually visit

7 April 2015

Seeing a place in movie can inspire you to visit it.

The Casablanca Hotel in Times Square New York. Generally hotels in New York are some of the priciest in the world. Photo: TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor’s TripIndex Room Service for hotels rates Kuala Lumpur one of the cheapest

6 April 2015

Malaysia’s capital city reaffirmed as one of the cheapest overall in the world for a hotel stay while Sofia is tops in the world.

Karen Wu kept up the momentum by running with other participants.

One runner is born again after doing her first solo ultra 100km event

4 April 2015

Count street lights.

There is a dearth of disabled-friendly facilities for hotels in the region. Photo:’s study on disabled-friendly hotels

4 April 2015

Which countries actually think about the disabled and their needs? When it comes to hotels, this study might be a good indicator.

Paris has been deemed the worlds best city for dating in a new global Time Out survey. - Photo: AFP

The best cities in the world to fall in love

1 April 2015

The world’s best city for dating and finding love goes to...Paris! Kuala Lumpur is No 3!

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Musings about a Bangkok hotel

9 November 2013

It is situated at a fashionable address, and is clearly classy and elegant.

Putting the pleasure back in business

12 October 2013

‘Bleasure’ – referring to business and leisure – is a growing trend among business travellers.

Five-star treatment at Hilton Phuket Arcadia

14 September 2013

Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort and Spa offers not just plush rooms but plenty of on-site activities for a fun-filled holiday.

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PLOY wins TripAdvisor award

6 August 2013

KL restaurant honoured with Certificate of Excellence.

Crazy about organic coffee

1 July 2013

During his involvement with non-governmental organisations across South-East Asia, Tan Jo Hann crossed paths with coffee-centric communities in different parts of the region.

Serving the best of both worlds

24 June 2013

Thai food is often associated with spicy tom yam but there is a wider selection of dishes than just that.

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