Spellbinding: The glorious view that greeted Doug Oster and his family during their hike — the bell tower of Chiesa di Sant Andrea in Sala Comacina, Italy.
The high life: Highclere Castle, the main setting for the popular TV series, Downton Abbey. Photo: AFP
Players try to resolve a puzzle in the medieval escape room at TRAP in Budapest.  Photo: Laszlo Balogh/REUTERS

‘Como’ over to this lake in Italy

A night at Downton Abbey for Valentine’s

France dominates new list of top 100 restaurants in the world

Locked up in Budapest for fun

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Picturesque: Seen from across the Danube River, the old town section of Bratislava resembles a miniature Prague. — TNS photos

Slovakia at your leisure

10 January 2015

Insights about Slovakia from a travel expert who lives and works there.

The distinctive dome of St Pauls Cathedral can be seen across the River Thames in London.

St Paul’s Cathedral’s triple dome

10 January 2015

London’s iconic St Paul’s Cathedral has many marvellous features, chiefly its triple dome.

Guide to perfect ‘Downton Abbey’ connoisseurs’ holiday

7 January 2015

Whether you’re more “upstairs” or “downstairs”, you can now step into the posh and vintage world of popular British TV drama 'Downton Abbey' for real.

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