A social network in Slovania endeavours to enable senior citizens to travel. - Photo from AFP
Calorific yumminess: At the 2014 Pizza Makers World Championships, Naples was host to 'Napoli Pizza Village', a huge celebration of the art of combining bread and tomato sauce with cheese - and just about anything else that comes to hand. 
- AFP/Mario Laporta
People walk in the Piazza di Spagna in Rome. - Photo from AFP

We are ‘framily’: When a vacation with close friends does you good

Senior citizen room-swapping travel

A celebration of all things pizza – in its spiritual home

Footsteps only and no cars for Spanish Steps

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The White Tower, the main building in the Tower of London, is a medieval castle built in the 1070s. - MCT

Kingly castles: The Tower of London

6 September 2014

A medieval Norman castle – built almost 1,000 years ago and stocked with ancient jewels, armour and weaponry – has become one of the icons of Britain’s capital.

The city of Salzburg is where the real-life singing von Trapp family lived. - Photo from AFP

Salzburg: City is alive with music

4 September 2014

Mozart’s Salzburg finds big business in “Sound of Music”.

A chamber pot (in black) made from a World War II German army helmet is among the curious displays 
at the museum.

The throne room: Museum of toilets

2 September 2014

Prague fortress exhibits historical items - just don't mistake that chamber pot for a soup tureen!

Raucous roosters ruin Croatia tourist spot

2 September 2014

Crowing birds have caused cancellations on beautiful Adriatic coast.

When in London, go on a One Direction-themed holiday with your teen or tween. - AFP

Only One Direction in London

30 August 2014

The British capital’s tourism board has created an itinerary for fans of this London-based supergroup.

According to MasterCard's index, London will host more visitors than Bangkok or Paris this year. - Photo from AFP

London world’s most visited city

29 August 2014

According to another annual ranking, the city of the Big Ben is back on top as having the most visitors in the world.

Google Glass at Copenhagen Airport. The gadget provides easy access to passenger and airline information with the tap of the frame or wink of an eye. - AFP photo

Google Glass at Danish airport

23 August 2014

AIRPORT staff and passengers flying out of Copenhagen Airport have given Google Glass their stamp of approval after the Danish airport became the first in the world to test out the wearable technology this month.

Grandeur: The Verdon River has cut a gorge more than 800m deep through limestone cliffs. It's considered one of the most spectacular gorges in Europe.

French frolic

23 August 2014

One of the most spectacular gorges in Europe offers great hiking – even for folks in their 60s.

Simply beautiful: Lake Lugano is a glacial lake. Two-thirds of it is in Switzerland, and the rest, in Italy. - TOH AN NEE

Alluring Lugano

23 August 2014

A reader waxes lyrical about the visual delights of the city of Lugano and its famous lake.

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