When in London, go on a One Direction-themed holiday with your teen or tween. - AFP
According to MasterCard's index, London will host more visitors than Bangkok or Paris this year. - Photo from AFP
Simply beautiful: Lake Lugano is a glacial lake. Two-thirds of it is in Switzerland, and the rest, in Italy. - TOH AN NEE
Grandeur: The Verdon River has cut a gorge more than 800m deep through limestone cliffs. It's considered one of the most spectacular gorges in Europe.

Only One Direction in London

London world’s most visited city

Alluring Lugano

French frolic

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The Grotte Chauvet cave contains over 1,000 drawings dating back 36,000 years to the first human culture in Europe. 

Prehistoric cave in France is a heritage site

9 August 2014

French cave – home to earliest drawings – wins World Heritage status.

A view of Mount Titlis in Switzerland.

Jason Godfrey's Swiss education

6 August 2014

A whirlwind tour of Switzerland resulted in a crash course on Swiss culture.

A view of Santorini Islands, Greece. - Photo from AFP

Top Euro destinations

4 August 2014

Lonely Planet’s picks of top European destinations 2014.

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