Partly ruined statues found at an ancient Greek tomb. Speculation is mounting that the tomb, which dates back from Alexander's lifetime (356-323BC), may be untouched, with its treasures intact. - AFP
Alluring: (Clockwise from far left) Views of glorious Transaucasus mountains from the defensive towers of Zemo Omalo; the road to Tusheti; the defensive towers of Zemo Omalo; the hamlet of Diklo.
A couple hang a love padlock on the steel bar of the Pont des Arts. - Photo from AFP
Victorian charm: An iconic double-decker bus going past No.11 Cadogan Gardens, a boutique hotel in London that was built in 1888. The hotel is within easy reach of a tube station, buses and theatre. - MCT

Greek tomb linked to Alexander The Great yielding its treasures

A 4WD adventure into the Caucasus mountains of Georgia

Glass panels put up at iconic 'love locks' bridge in Paris

Revisiting London’s Victorian past

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