Players try to resolve a puzzle in the medieval escape room at TRAP in Budapest.  Photo: Laszlo Balogh/REUTERS
People relax in one of the Blue Lagoon hot springs near the town of Grindavik, Iceland. Photo: REUTERS
Ancient beauty: The Temple of Domitan in Ephesus, Turkey. Pieces of the temple entrance have been restored to their former glory. Photos: Ellen Creager/Detroit Free Press/TNS

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Guide to perfect ‘Downton Abbey’ connoisseurs’ holiday

7 January 2015

Whether you’re more “upstairs” or “downstairs”, you can now step into the posh and vintage world of popular British TV drama 'Downton Abbey' for real.

The roomy interior of Eurostar’s e320 train. — AFP

Eurostar to unveil its new high speed trains this year

3 January 2015

Eurostar unveils new train that can travel at 320kp/h.

Cova da Moura, the Portuguese favela is a tourist favourite. - Photo from AFP

A tour around Cova da Moura, Lisbon

2 January 2015

The Portuguese version of the favela is now a tourist draw.

Tower Bridges glass bottom walkway. - Photo from AFP

London’s Tower Bridge debuts glass-bottom floor

1 January 2015

Take a peek at the drop beneath your feet at one of Britain’s most historic high-rise.

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