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Boutique hotel London NYC is launching a special package for fashionistas during New York fashion week. - Photo from AFP
Poolside at the Sapphire Princess. - Photo from Reliance

Accommodating fashionistas in New York

Raucous roosters ruin Croatia tourist spot

Cruises: You can rely on Reliance

Out and about in Oman


Gratuity gauge: Learn about the tipping habits and culture in the various countries at Tip This Much. - AFP photo

Tipping tips

Website offers tipping guidelines for countries around the world.

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Ethereal scene: When snow falls, Xiling is blanketed in the dazzling white stuff. (Inset) Snowboarding is one of the exciting activities one can enjoy on the snow-clad slopes. (Below) The lush mountainscape in summer.
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When in London, go on a One Direction-themed holiday with your teen or tween. - AFP
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Paradise: Anglers find rich catch in the Boundary Waters between Minnesota (USA) and Canada. (Inset) Jigs, leeches and slip bobbers are used to haul in walleye fish.

Canoe country fishing

The Boundary Waters between the USA and Canada offer a heavenly retreat to boaters and anglers.

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Out and about in Oman

The Sultanate of Oman abounds with off-the-beaten-track activities, from fossil-hunting hikes and dolphin dives to kayaking and turtle-spotting.

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