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Tourists walk outside a casino complex in Darling Harbour in Sydney. - Photo from AFP
Screenshot of TripAdvisor's new offline feature for its smartphone app. - Photo from TripAdvisor
When in Taitung, do not miss Sanxiantai (above), a little islet with three giant boulders facing the Pacific Ocean. At end of an unmarked road in this area, one can soak in views of the sea while watching fishermen in action. - Photo from Taiwan Tourism Bureau
Calming: The stunning coastline along the Pacific Coast Highway on the way to the Monterey Bay Aquarium where these bewitching jellyfish (inset) reside.

Australia the new casino hotspot

TripAdvisor’s app offline surprise

Taitung’s treasures by the sea

California dreaming


When you check in to a hotel, do you want to see a ghost or don't you? - Photo by Lionel Allorge/Wikimedia Commons

Hotel guests’ unusual feedback

If there’s something strange in the hotel room – “Who you gonna (sic) call?” Hotel guests sometimes can be as strange as their comments or requests.

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Artist rendering of Pearl of Dubai. - Photo from AFP
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The City of Love is still tops. A model wearing an outfit from Malaysian label Salabianca strolling down one of the many bridges stradling the romantic River Seine in Paris. - Photo from Salabianca
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Going ‘croco’ in the great outback

Australia’s Top End, including Darwin and the Kakadu National Park, promises to be an exciting travel destination for both rugged adventurers and city slickers.

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Windy waters

The lakes of Southern Colorado lakes are a haven for hikers willing to brave cold winds.

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A view of Algiers' seaside. - Photo from AFP
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