Published: Thursday June 5, 2014 MYT 4:08:00 PM
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How does Argentina coach Retegui do it?

THE HAGUE: Handling one team is already a major headache for most coaches, more so when they are playing in the World Cup.

So imagine how much more difficult it would be to handle two teams – at the World Cup?

But that’s what Argentina’s Carlos Retegui is doing in The Hague – as head coach of Argentina’s men’s and women’s teams.

The challenges he faces at the World Cup are two-fold, yet he takes it all in his stride.

As coach of the women’s team, who are the defending champions, he has been tasked with managing expectations and recreating the brilliance of the 2010 campaign.

With the men, he is nurturing a team undergoing a rebuilding process and improving over a four-year period.

Retegui is a former international, having played in three Olympics from 1996.

Over the years, though, he has gained a reputation as a good coach.

So, how does he manage two teams at one go?

For him, it’s like a family affair “where I just need to divide my time equally”.

“I know it’s a big challenge. But we are a fully structured organisation. We know what we will be doing every day and every hour with both teams. It is essential that the coaching staff works as a team and, luckily, it feels like that,” said Retegui.

“You have to know how to delegate duties and rely on your assistants. That is what happens to me and it gives me a peace of mind.

“I try and live each day to the fullest.”

On Tuesday, the Argentina men’s team sprang a major upset when they defeated Germany 1-0. They had earlier lost 3-1 to Holland.

Retegui believes that the men’s team have a good chance at making the semi-finals if they can build on the German victory.

“There are still three matches to go ... that’ll give us enough points to make the last four,” he said.

The Argentine women’s team got off to a flyer – thumping South Africa 4-1 – before stumbling to a 2-2 draw with the United States.

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