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Published: Tuesday June 17, 2014 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Tuesday June 17, 2014 MYT 7:14:57 AM

Non-profit groups compete in friendly rivalry for charity

NON-PROFIT organisation Generasi Gemilang won RM8,000 in a charity treasure hunt, recently.

Two non-profit organisations pitted against each other in a charity treasure hunt organised by Avenue K Shopping Mall.

The battle between the two charity organisations took place as Datuk Ruby Khong of Kechara Soup Kitchen Society of Malaysia and Teri Choong of Generasi Gemilang raced to the end of a treasure hunt in an effort to win RM8,000 for their respective organisations.

Team Kechara Soup Kitchen was made up of Khong and bloggers Budiey Isma and Mocchi Tan.

Meanwhile, the Generasi Gemilang team consisted of Choong and the writer.

Choong said she would put the money she won for Generasi Gemilang to good use.

“The money will be used for the children, single mothers and education programmes that we have,” she said.

Participants were given clues which led to eight challenges that brought the participants running around the shopping mall.

Some of the challenges were a burger eating contest at Fat Boy, dressing a mannequin with items below RM250 at Nichii, riding a stationary bicycle for 500m while singing Queen’s Bicycle Race and collecting the best-selling items at Muji.

The participants also had to upload the photos from each challenge on their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

On the way to winning their monetary donations, the members of both teams won prizes along the way including Gordon Ramsay’s cook book, Fast Food and vouchers to spend at Avenue K.

Khong, who won RM2,000 for her organisation, said the treasure hunt was a fantastic way to raise money for Kechara Soup Kitchen.

“It was great fun getting to know all the vendors in Avenue K and runnign around completing all the challenges,” she said.

Budiey, who was on Khong’s team, shared his favourite part of the hunt.

“My favourite part was when Datuk Ruby had to cycle for 500m while singing the song Bicycle Race by Queen.

Khong (right) and her team Tan and Budiey solving the clue for their challenge.
Khong (right) and her team Tan and Budiey solving the clue for their challenge.

“It looked a lot harder and funnier than we imagined!

“It’s a great feeling to have so much fun and be doing something good for those in need,” he said.

Khong, Choong and Tan all agreed that the toughest challenge of the hunt was hitting three strikes at the bowling alley.

The winning charity, Generasi Gemilang is a Malaysian NGO with a broad and varied reach not easily defined by what they do but what they hope to achieve.

Choong heads the Strategic Alliances of the organisation who are committed to raising an exemplary next generation and strengthening families.

They offer services which protect and counsel those who are underprivileged and strive to reinforce strong values in those who have none to enforce it for them.

Kechara Soup Kitchen Society of Malaysia, which Khong is the president of, is a well-known charity which feeds the poor with food at their soup kitchen located just off Jalan Imbi.

They also provide basic medical care to the homeless and the urban poor.

The two admirable social activists who headed the Treasure Hunt teams are among two of 14 Avenue K ambassadors.

They were brought onboard the Avenue K Grand Launch campaign due to their community spirit and altruistic nature which Avenue K hopes to exemplify through its aim encourage a stronger sense of community spirit.

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