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Published: Saturday April 20, 2013 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Friday April 26, 2013 MYT 12:20:11 AM

Hennessy’s spirit of conquest brought to life with a journey from France to iconic countries around the world

FROM April 2 to April 5, the grounds of the Chin Woo Stadium in Kuala Lumpur were transformed into a port for a journey charting the birth of Maurice Hennessy’s Original X.O in 1870 in France, to its delivery to iconic countries around the world.

The experience for guests began with an invitation in the form of a boarding ticket, promising a special journey that transcended boundaries and time. Upon arrival, guests dressed in black tie and evening finery made their way to the holding lounge of the “ship” — The Spirit of Conquest — a generous hall elegantly decorated with Chesterfield sofas and paintings of Maison Hennessy.

Guests were seated in the main dining hall — a stunning floating platform designed in the Art Deco style of an early 19th century steam liner, complete with chandeliers, banquet-style seating and freshly cut flowers on each table.

The journey began when The Spirit of Conquest “set sail” for France, the birthplace of the Original X.O in 1870.

Guests were entertained not only by the sight of the “ship” mooring in France next to famous landmarks via projection screens flanking the dining hall, but also a live can-can dance performance.

To accompany the arrival, guests were served Parisian Regalia, a starter of tender foie gras baked custard infused with cognac and served warm with brioche toast fingers, treatments of green apple, and crisp frisee lettuce

“This represents the richness and luxuriousness of fine French cuisine, with Hennessy X.O best served neat along with this dish”, explained chef Lee Anne Wong from the stage.

After conquering France, Hennessy X.O journeyed towards the Orient, where it dropped anchor in China in 1872, to the delight of Chinese palates. The soup course was up next with Oriental Enchantment, a soup from the south of China.

The dish was served to to the accompaniment of evergreen songs played on traditional Chinese instruments.

Blending sweet ocean crab harmoniously with golden corn, egg white, sesame and coriander with a hint of lime, with the added royal touch of caviar, Oriental Enchantment paired flawlessly with Hennessy X.O and water.

Arriving at the most opportune time in American history, the Gilded Age saw Hennessy X.O make its timely debut in the United States of America in 1873, as an elegant and sophisticated way to enjoy luxury and heritage. Presented as a tribute to cowboy culture, Western Allure, a dish of spice-rubbed American salmon, incorporated American flavors and ingredients as they would have been at the end of the cowboy days, and partnered perfectly with Hennessy X.O and ice.

The world continued to be enthralled by the allure and charisma of Hennessy X.O as Italy welcomed the Original X.O with open arms in 1893. In a country where cuisine and culture ignite strong passions, Hennessy X.O is a cognac worthy of equal passion with its strong character.

An operatic performance set the tone for the dramatic entrance of the Venetian Ambrosia — handmade pasta in a sumptuous sauce of summer truffles, cognac, and cream, finished with Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese at the table, accompanied by Hennessy X.O and water.

Amid cultural and economic evolution, Russia became the fifth nation to enjoy and appreciate the refined taste of success that is Hennessy X.O in 1898, with its complexity and depth in flavour suiting the Russian lifestyle.

The traditional Russian dish, Mazurka Splendour — lightly fried fresh cheese curd fritters accompanied by a light sour cream sauce, a rich cognac-infused dark berry sauce, and sugar-crusted currants — paired exquisitely with Hennessy X.O neat.

The folk-based Mazurka dance, which emphasises the importance of sociability, a trait shared by Hennessy X.O, was the highlight of The Spirit of Conquest’s stay in Russia.

In The Land of The Rising Sun, where centuries-old traditions remain rich, Hennessy X.O’s heritage and originality formed a perfect counterpoint to Japan’s industrial landscape in 1900, for those who acknowledged that appreciation grows with time.

Nihon Grandeur, a jewel-like presentation of fresh ruby red grapefruit segments encased in a delicate grapefruit and cognac gelee, covered in a light layer of cognac-vanilla whipped cream, frozen grapefruit granite, and topped with a sesame seed-cognac wafer, brought guests’ journey with Hennessy X.O to a resounding conclusion with a spirited drum performance by the Wadaiko Syo troupe.

With the final throb of the drum beat, Hennessy X.O Appreciation Grows 2013 raised the bar once again, going beyond the norm to provide an unparalleled showcase of the world’s number one X.O cognac.

The story of the past and present of The World’s Number One Original X.O cognac, Hennessy X.O, is one that enchants, with the wealth of its aromas, each period and each generation of connoisseurs.

For what is yet to come, the future holds no bounds, as Hennessy X.O is the embodiment of continual modernity.

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