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Published: Friday April 5, 2013 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Friday April 26, 2013 MYT 1:01:46 AM

Six siblings gaining fame by jamming it out together

MALACCA: Music runs in their blood. Six sibling who formed a musical group are slowly gaining fame in the local music scene.

The budding and young from Bukit Katil here have called themselves “The Siblings Band” has been rendering mixed repertoires of Malay evergreen to English oldies, modern and rhythmic pop songs.

During their performances, the audience also take interest in twin sister, Aimi Najihah and Aimi Nabihah.

Their older sister, 17-year-old Aimi Zulaikha takes the role of the lead vocalist and at times alternating between younger brothers Muhammad Ariff Haikal, 14, and Muhammad Ariff Hazim,11.

The youngest of the siblings Aimi Batrisyia, 10, is also no novice and bravely struts her talent by playing the ukulele.

The siblings also are multi-talented.

They can play various musical instruments like the double bass, guitar, ukulele, violin and maracas and this captivates the interest of the audience who applaud them for their multi-skills.

The siblings’ mother, Noorismazatulaqtar Ismail, 40, said her children, who have been active in music since 2010 never had the inkling of forming a band or performing in front of audience.

“It was Aimi Najihah who first approached her musician father to teach her music.

“Maybe it was curiosity, from there the rest of them also expressed interest in music and started learning together from their father,” she said when met here.

Suhaimi Ismail, 38, a self-thought musician who used to be active in the early 90’s said in jest that he initially found it noisy and frustrating when all his children came together - all eager to play something from his instruments.

“Being children they were all hyped, excited and even argued who should play which instrument.

“However, I managed to make them realise that they should take music seriously if they really wanted to learn with the condition that they should not neglect their studies and school work,” he said.

The siblings made their first public appearance as The Siblings Band in December 2011 at a wedding reception.

Now equipped with some 80 songs in their repertoire, the siblings have embarked on a unique musical journey, taking part in competitions and winning many titles and awards, apart from performing by invitations.

With music arrangement by Suhaimi himself, songs that the siblings sing were very much set apart by their soothing vocal harmonies.

Aimi Zulaikha said their music journey had been fun and was probably the best education and exposure any parents could give outside a home or classroom.

Aimi Nabihah, who often plays the double bass, said she enjoyed every moment performing together with her sisters and brothers.

Violinist Muhammad Ariff Haikal, who performed in an orchestra for the annual Festival Mutiara Seni in Sarawak in December 2012, said he enjoyed doing band gigs and jamming with his siblings, both at home and outside.

“It feels great that other people are happy and amazed with what we can do on stage.

“Music has made our life so different and colourful,” said Haikal, who is a student in Sekolah Seni Malaysia Johor Baru, the first art school in Johor.

A shy Aimi Batrisyia who plays the ukulele often gets the most attention from the audience due to her small physique.

“I love it when I get to play the ukulele,” she said.

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