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Published: Sunday February 17, 2013 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Saturday April 20, 2013 MYT 3:41:39 PM

Sarawakian Chung’s debut Chinese film out this September; plans under way for second one

KUCHING: A new Chinese movie starring Sarawakian Jessie Chung, is set to be released this September.

“We’ve completed the shooting in Nan Chang, China before Chinese New Year. It is estimated that the film will be shown in more than 2,000 cinemas in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia this September,” Chung said in a news conference here recently.

The movie I Have Been Replaced, was directed by Hong Kong’s Zheng Min Qiang who co-directed Jackie Chan’s Police Story and Chow Yun-Fat’s Better Tomorrow.

The film is mainly mystery and romance, with some action scenes and comedy.

The plot centres on a plastic surgeon Wang Qiang, who is trapped between two women Li Yu and Yuan Yuan who have the same faces but different stories.

Li Yu, a chief executive of a well-known, wealthy company falls into a coma in an automobile accident with Wang Qiang.

At the same time, Wang Qiang’s mother is kidnapped followed by a demand for a large amount of cash.

In order to hide the truth and get the money to save his mother, he decides to perform a face transplant surgery on Yuan Yuan to replace Li Yu.

When Wang Qiang’s plan of selling the company nearly comes to a conclusion, Li Yu regains consciousness and soon wants revenge on Wang Qiang.

“We are excited that many famous actors and actresses from China and Hong Kong acted in the film,” said Chung.

Award-winning actor, TVB’s Jackie Lui, plays Wang Qiang, while Hong Kong’s renowned actor, Law Kar-ying who previously starred in From Beijing with Love, plays Li Yu’s neighbour.

“I play two characters with two different personalities — the sophisticated and unscrupulous Li Yu, and the innocent and lovely Yuan Yuan,” said Chung.

“We’ve only had three hours of sleep every day during the shooting because it was quite a rush to finish the movie before Chinese New Year.”

Chung’s new album’s first single, Love in You (Ai Zai Zhuan Shun Jian) is the film’s theme song, and two other songs The Most Beautiful Place In The World, Ultimately (Shi Jie Zui Hou Zui Mei De Di Fang) and Moonlight (Yue Guang) are also used in the film.

Chung also disclosed that she would start shooting her second movie in Shanghai this May.

Other than that, she has been offered several opportunities to co-star in several movies in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Moreover, her next album is set to be recorded in Taiwan later this year.

It seems like Chung is going all out for a new career in the entertainment industry.

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