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Published: Monday February 4, 2013 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Saturday April 20, 2013 MYT 3:42:30 PM

Ahmad makes T-shirts to identify with true blue Johoreans

AHMAD Fatah Zubir’s decision switching from organising and planning events to printing T-shirts has eventually paid off.

The recently married 30-year old decided to set up a T-shirt printing company called Iprintings three years ago.

Previously, he was involved in organising events but the returns were not good due to stiff competition from other established event management companies in Johor Baru.

“The capital for my T-shirt printing business came from the profits from one of the events that I organised for one of the shopping complexes here,’’ Ahmad said in an interview with MetroBiz.

He admitted that he actually wanted to do T-shirt printing for a long time as he found the designs and prints on them looked “cool and interesting”.

But, lack of confidence and skills in T-shirt printings had delayed his ambition from starting his own business.

Ahmad who studied graphic and multimedia learned to printing T-shirts by watching clips on YouTube and from a professional T-shirt designer in Johor Baru.

After acquiring the skills in T-shirt printing for about a year, he was more confidence to venture into the business; hence Iprintings was established.

Prior to starting the business, Ahmad had discussion with his friends and they found that there were no T-shirts with designs and motifs that could be related to Johor.

“I got the inspiration from “I Love New York” T-shirt which has become an iconic and soon most major cities in the world also have their own “I Love” city T-shirt,’’ he said.

Ahmad added he wanted to do something different from the existing T-shirts available in the market and came out with “Proud to Be Johorean”.

Response to the “Proud to be Johorean” and “Great Johorean” T-shirts is good and Ahmad had sold more that 2,000 nationwide for the past three months.

“We also sell online and orders are not only coming from customers in Johor but also from Johoreans living in other states in the country,’’ he said.

Ahmad said the on-going publicity and attention given to the Johor Darul Takzim football team also in a way helped to push up demand for his T-shirts.

Apart from T-shirts, the company also sells caps and stickers with similar wordings in different varieties of fonts and colours and jersey for the Johor football teams.

All prints on the T-shirts are hand printed catering and come in all sizes for adults and children and priced from RM35 excluding postage.

Orders have been pouring in for Ahmad’s T-shirts from individuals as well as organisations and companies to make their own T-shirts.

“I can handprint 100 T-shirts daily and I could make about RM10,000 monthly from selling the T-shirts, stickers and baseball caps,’’ he said.

To help him cope with the increasing orders, Ahmad had to rope in his good friend Rizal Mashudi, 29, who acted as the designer.

Rizal was quite pleased to note that response to Ahmad’s hand printed T-shirts had been very good so far and quite surprise that theT-shirt was not only popular among youths but also adults.

“Our high quality T-shirts are imported from the USA and the prints will not easily faded despite the T-shirt is being washed many times,’’ he said.

Rizal said Malaysians from other states could easily identify Johoreans from the way they speak and also true blue Johorean Malay males would only wear their Baju Melayu Teluk Blangah.

“Now, we (Johoreans) have our own T-shirts and proud to wear one,’’ he said adding that the company planned to produce limited edition of Johor T-shirt soon.

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