Published: Saturday May 3, 2014 MYT 5:30:00 PM
Updated: Monday May 5, 2014 MYT 1:53:29 PM

'Smog buried my marriage': Beijing man divorces wife because of pollution

What’s smog got to do with it? A Beijing man says it drove his wife and son away, literally – and now, because of it, he’s filing for divorce.

Look out, married couples! A new cause for the dreaded ‘conscious uncoupling’ syndrome has just been added to the long list by a man in Beijing who is saying he’s divorcing his wife because of the city’s notorious smog problem.

According to the Beijing Times, the man, identified only by his family name of Wang, married his wife in 2008 and had a son two years later who developed serious health problems caused by the city’s air pollution.

As a solution, his wife took their son to the southern resort island of Hainan to escape the threat. However, Wang’s wife did not like Hainan nor did she like living apart from him, and whenever the two of them met, they fought.

Fed up, Wang filed for divorce in a Beijing court. “Smog ‘buried’ my son’s health, and it has ‘buried’ my marriage,” he was quoted as saying.

The ‘smog divorce’ is currently pending with the court, the report added. There was no word, however, of what Wang’s wife thought of the divorce proposal.

Years of unfettered economic growth have taken their toll on China’s environment and pollution is a major source of public dissatisfaction and unrest, especially smog in major cities.

Most recently, the US Embassy in Beijing, which tracks the smog’s tiny toxic particles – known as PM2.5 particles – reported in January this year that the city’s air quality index topped 755, exceeding the index’s official maximum reading level of 500.

The government has said tackling pollution is a top priority, but their efforts have made little impact on the smog that blights the lives of millions. – Reuters

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