Published: Monday August 25, 2014 MYT 3:55:00 PM
Updated: Monday August 25, 2014 MYT 5:42:17 PM

'Sorry, ladies!' Straight women lose out in orgasm race

The Kinsey Institute's recent study on orgasm among different groups found that heterosexual women are the least likely to experience "happy endings". 

Researchers from the institute arrive at their conclusions after having collected data from a total of 6,151 single men and women between the ages of 21 and 65 by means of an Internet questionnaire. They then whittled the sample size down to a total of 2,850 who had participated in sexual activity in the previous year leading up to the experiment.

”Existing literature demonstrates substantial variation in orgasm experiences among women and to a lesser, but not inconsequential, extent among men,” the researchers write. “The current study confirms existing findings and advances our understanding of orgasm occurrence among men and women across self-identified sexual orientation categories.”

Respondents in the study, of which 75% were Caucasians, were controlled in the interest of eliminating those whose experiences were not limited to a familiar partner. They were also controlled for identity to restrict automatic fill-ins, and controlled to eliminate intersexuals, whom the study did not concern.

More than 7% of heterosexual women, or 86 of the survey respondents, suffer from anorgasmia, reporting that they have never reached orgasm. On the flipside, only 16% of heterosexual women reported orgasm 100% of the time. Most, or 411 respondents, reported reaching orgasm 75% to 99% of the times they engaged in sexual activity.

Bisexual women show little variation in their orgasmic experience, with 35% saying they climaxed 75% to 99% they had sex. Lesbian women, however, show the highest capacity for orgasm, with 25% saying they climaxed with every sexual experience and 46% reporting orgasm 75% to 99% of the time. Very few reported anorgasmia.

Overall, men’s orgasmic experiences show less variation. Few men reported anorgasmia and all three sexual orientations were concentrated in the top two brackets. Heterosexual men reported orgasm 86% of the time, slightly more frequently than homosexual (85%) and bisexual (78%) men.

Researchers conclude that the idea of a “familiar partner” could be varied across sexual orientation groups that could underlie the patterns they observed. ”The wording of the questionnaire, asking participants to report on orgasm; when having sex with a familiar partner’ likely lends itself to varied interpretations of how individuals define both 'sex' and a 'familiar partner',” wrote the study's authors.

Future research, they conclude, should further explore how demographics including but not limited to sexual orientation affect orgasm experience. The study, entitled Variation In Orgasm Occurrence By Sexual Orientation In A Sample Of US Singles was published on Aug 18 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. – AFP/RelaxNews

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