Published: Friday March 14, 2014 MYT 6:00:00 AM
Updated: Friday March 14, 2014 MYT 12:55:32 PM

Easy ways to save water ... and the planet!

Here are a few easy steps we can take to save water in these tough times.  

Most of us don't know the value of something until it is gone ... or as in the recent water crisis, rationed.

Water is more precious now than ever and every drop counts.

It is high time that we listened to the environmentalists and conservationists who have been telling us over and over again, hugging every tree out there, walking around with eco-friendly placards and trying to get us to do the right thing – save water.

Now let’s not get overambitious and start digging wells in our backyards, but there are quite a number of things we can do to save water. 

Stop that leak

Don’t ignore your leaky toilet because it can waste up to 750litres of water each day. That is a huge amount of water to simply pour down the drain – literally. Fix that darn toilet already. 

Make a rain barrel

Whenever it rains, try to collect and save as much rain water as you can. The amount you save could be used to water your plants, clean the toilet or even wash cars. 

Ice them up

Love your plants but can’t water them lest your neighbour gives you the evil eye for “wasting” the precious commodity? Well, save your green friends by simply placing ice cubes in the pot which would not only give them the water they need, but also keep you off your neighbour’s hate list.

Reduce it

Sometimes we tend to ignore just how much water we let flow from the tap. We can reduce the amount of running water we use by simply installing an aerator – that’s the part you find at the tip of modern indoor water faucets – that will help us not just save water but money, too.

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