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Weird and wacky pursuits

Those looking for strange outdoor activities have options like bog snorkelling, wine marathons and mud festivals.

Bog or ditch snorkeling is a weird sport where competitors in the West Midlands of England snorkel through dirty, smelly muddy water in a trench cut through a peat bog.
Bog or ditch snorkelling is a weird sport where competitors in the West Midlands of England snorkel through dirty, smelly muddy water in a trench cut through a peat bog.

Bog snorkelling

This sport involves donning a snorkelling mask and swimming through thick, brown, peat-filled bogs powered solely by flippers.

The World Bog Snorkelling Championships take place every August in Wales. Other bog snorkelling events take place in Australia, England, Ireland and Sweden. Also, true diehards can try a bog snorkelling triathlon, which also involves running and mountain biking!


Horse surfing

Sure, kitesurfing is all the rage, but what about horse surfing? Invented in 2005 by British trick riders, the sport involves travelling across waves at speeds of up to 55km an hour – while being attached to a galloping horse!

Where to try: the sport has been adopted around the globe but reported hotspots include parts of France and Australia.


Game for some mountain bike chariot racing? - GREEN EVENTS UK.
Game for some mountain bike chariot racing.

Mountain bike chariot racing

Chariots are built using traditional Roman mild steel and vulcanised rubber and designed to be pulled by two mountain bikes alongside each other. Team racers compete in the mountain bike chariot “world championships” in the hilly Welsh town of Llanwrtyd Wells.

The winning team will have to demonstrate exceptional skill and courage, and will need to coordinate and cooperate fully as a single unit to overcome all challengers. The event is open to teams of three people (2 riders + 1 charioteer) over the age of 16 years.



Muddy madness

If you fancy traipsing and tripping through, or wallowing in and wriggling about lots of mud, then the Boryeong mud festival at the Daecheon swimming beach in Boryeong, 150km south-west of Seoul, may be the place for you. The annual festival actually aims to encourage the use of mud for cosmetic skincare and to promote tourism in the region.

Wine-fuelled marathon running

At the Marathon du Medoc in Pauillac, France, runners race through nearly 60 vineyards in the Medoc region all while drinking wine along the way at 21 stations.

Also on the menu: rather than raisins and bananas, you’ll find oysters and ice cream, which probably won’t do much for your finishing time but a good time is likely guaranteed.


Man versus horse marathon

This epic race also held in Llaywrtd Wells involves pitting man against horse in a 35km (22 mile) course. Racing over farm tracks and hillyfoot paths, horses usually win, with the exception of two men in the race’s more than 25-year history.

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