Published: Sunday June 6, 2010 MYT 12:00:00 AM
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Chance for a better life

One man who took home an unwanted baby shares his story.

THE thought that his eight-month-old adopted daughter could have been left in a rubbish bin or box by the roadside leaves DYJ* cold.

“I was very fortunate that her (birth) mother had been introduced to OrphanCARE and was wise enough to contact the organisation. If not for them, my poor baby girl could have been abandoned,” he says.

DYJ had tried adopting a child through the Social Welfare Department, but was told that he had to wait two years for a first interview.

“They need to expedite applications for adoption. There are lots of parents out there who can afford to take care of a child.”

DYJ adds that many Malaysians are eager to adopt orphans, but they face red tape. There are even orphanages that do not want to release the children.

“I personally went to one where I wanted to adopt another child of about seven.They told me the children were not for adoption but I could sponsor a child’s education, food and clothes.

“The money I could give ... I’m not sure if the child will get it. That’s why people go to baby syndicates – it takes a long time to get children legally.”

Fortunately, DYJ found OrphanCARE. A few days after he’d put his name on the waiting list, he was informed that there might be a baby for him. A Filipino woman and her Pakistani partner wanted to give up their unborn child.

DYJ was shocked, and happy, by how quickly everything happened.

“They asked what I would do if it was born disabled. I told them I would still accept the baby and give it my utmost care.”

DYJ and his wife decided not to have any contact with the mother – they did not even meet her.

“I want to know as little about her as possible so that I won’t have to lie to my daughter later,” he says.

A week after the call from OrphanCARE, DYJ was at the hospital, waiting for the mother to deliver. (He bore the cost of the delivery.)

“I couldn’t sleep the whole night when the mother was admitted. In fact, I looked forward so much to meeting the baby that I was there at the hospital early.

“When I saw her, I just cried. I told myself that if not for me or OrphanCARE, she could have been lying at the back of some dumpster. I just can’t imagine that.”

DYJ, who has one biological child, had always wanted to adopt another, to give her/him “a better life”.

Adoption is better than the alternative, an orphanage, he says. “It means more care and attention by way of education, food and welfare, for the child.”

This is why he gives OrphanCARE’s baby hatch the thumbs up. “They’re trying to reduce the number of babies abandoned on the streets. They are giving them a chance to live. That’s a very noble cause.”

* Not his real name.

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