Fun times ahead at i-City

Eating placentas! American mums swear by its health benefits

After 60 years, cricket coach Mike Nathan still won't hang up his bat

Ex-javelin champ Norsham Yoon throws her support behind paralympic athletes

Introducing Sumitra Visvanathan, the new executive director of WAO

  • Yippee The WaterWorld at i-City in Shah Alam offers good, wholesome fun for the entire family. Photos: i-City and FAIHAN GHANI/The Star
  • Still going strong: ‘My muscles may ache a little, but I still enjoy coaching and demonstrating various ways to play the game to budding cricketers,’ says Nathan.
  • Never give up: ‘Throwing sports such as shot put, javelin and discus rely on the athlete’s strength. They need to train regularly to keep their muscles strong,’ says Norsham.
  • After working in crisis areas around the globe as a humanitarian aid worker with UNHCR for 16 years, Sumithra Vee has decided to of Womens Aid Organisation. RAYMOND OOI/ The Star

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Push, push An exercise ball could be useful during childbirth, according to recent research. Photo: AFP
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Short film from China goes viral, urges kids to 'be yourself' and be loved at Chinese New Year

A moving short film out of China, titled “Coming Home”, has gone viral with over 100 million views on the Net. The video, which tells of a man who becomes estranged from his parents but who is eventually accepted by them years later, is meant to promote family reunions between parents and their kids at Chinese New Year, the most important event on the Lunar calendar. The emotional film addresses the anxiety the children face at these reunions, brought on by the pressure to marry and have kids of their own to continue the family line. This has led as many as 10 million people to marry just to placate their families, according to a state media estimate. But in the video’s final moments, real mothers encourage viewers to reunite with their parents who are waiting for them. “Be brave and be yourself. Tell your parents your experiences, and we will share with you,” says one mum. “Don’t let traditional thinking stop you from coming home,” pleads another.


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