Halloween: It’s about spooky fun, not scary nights

Conference calls for support for bright, young minds

Life moments from a childhood in the 60s

A mother comes to terms with her body issues so her daughter will stand proud

Malaysian crafter crochets her way into the pages of Hello Kitty

  • Humble abode: The writer’s childhood house (left) held many warm memories.
  • Cool mum: Alicia’s son Cian and husband Jonathan were thrilled that she got over being self-conscious about being seen in a swimsuit and joined in the fun.
  • The Star journalist and Star2's Craftypedia columnist Lee Mei Li has published "Hello Kitty Crochet", an "amigurumi" book on how to create crocheted dolls from the world of Hello Kitty. RAYMOND OOI/ The Star

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Actor John Cleese thinks Olivia Benson looks weird. He's talking about Taylor Swift's cat, of course.

It's 'The Graham Norton Show', after all.


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