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Looking for a lift

I’m 40 years old. The muscles on both sides of my cheeks next to my lips have receded (facing downwards). Even when I apply make-up, this is visible.

I have tried various skin-firming products and firming masks, but there hasn’t been much improvement. I also go for regular facials which incorporate facial massages.

Please advice me as this problem makes me look older than my age. – Worried

According to Laura Nicholson, Swiss line international training manager, as we age, our skin goes through changes which manifest itself in wrinkle lines, pigmentation or facial droop. The side of the cheeks may seem droopy or sagging, because of a loss in skin elasticity.

It is well known that the ageing process can lead to a structural change in the architecture of the dermis resulting in a loss of connective density linked to muscle contractions, and deep expression lines and wrinkles. The decrease in collagen production and elastin production is responsible for the loss in density. However, muscle contractions exacerbate the situation as the fragile skin is constantly stretched and moved. At the same time, over the years, the skin loses the layer of fat that kept it looking youthful and plump, and this leads to droopy skin.

There are various invasive and non-invasive methods to address facial droop. Some women may opt for invasive facial lifting procedures such as botox injection or thread lifting.

There are also skincare products in the market that address this area. Look out for products that offer skin lifting treatment. The Swiss line Cell Shock Face Lifting Complex is developed to deliver a noticeable “face lift”.

The Cell Shock Face Lifting Com-plex contains Swiss line’s renowned and exclusive Cellactel 2 Complex which is a skin-revitalising ingredient that helps repair essential skin functions, lift and regenerate the skin. The product contains polysaccharides of marine origin which provide immediate and sustained facial tightening.

The Face Lifting Complex enhances the face lifting result with a specialised agent, Polylift, a new botanical tensor (network of polymerised sweet almond oil and proteins) that forms an elastic film on the surface of the skin, improving and smoothening, while at the same time attenuating, sagging skin. It also contains Raffermine which helps strengthen the collagen fibres of the dermis.

Swiss line will be giving Worried a Swiss line Water Shock Comforting Emulsion Cleanser worth RM198.

I’m 25 years old and my skin is oily with big pores. A salesperson said my skin is also dehydrated and recommended that I double cleanse my face.

Is the procedure of using a cleansing oil followed by a normal cleanser better than just using a normal, one-step cleanser for big pores?

I usually use a scrub after the cleanser, but I notice that my pores are actually getting bigger instead of smaller. – Nadeera

According to Phoebe Khoo, Sothys training manager, regardless of whatever skin type or skin condition you have, a basic skincare routine should involve a milk cleanser, then a second cleanser, followed by a toner and protection care. This could be a serum, moisturiser and sun care. Your skin will not show optimal results if it is not well prepared or well-balanced.

For normal to combination skin, I suggest you use Sothys Normalizing Lotion, an alcohol-free based lotion to balance and protect the skin. It has St John’s wort and cucumber extract to moisturise and protect the skin, while helping to balance pH, leaving skin feeling cool and refreshed. You are also recommended to use Hydra Matt Fluid, a very light fluid formulated to absorb and regulate sebum. This gives your skin a matt finish without over-drying, while hydrating and protecting skin.

If you have blackheads, whiteheads or open pores due to excess oil on the skin surface, you must choose the right skincare to suit your basic daily routine and weekly regimen.

For deep cleansing, I would suggest that you add on Gommage for your skin type as it gently exfoliates. It contains oat flour that can eliminate dead skin cells, and helps refine skin and seal in skin surface moisture.

That being said, this is where Sothys’ Desquacream comes into play – it’s a granule-free emulsion that helps eliminate deep impurities and stubborn blackheads, and prevents pores from enlarging and dissolves sebum trapped in the follicle. Emulsify with water and rinse off after that.

Both Gommage and Desquacream work best when used hand in hand, and results can be seen after the first usage.

To reduce the open pore condition, it is highly recommended that you go for a proper cabin treatment once in a while to supplement your basic daily skincare regimen.

For the best skin solution, do visit any of Sothys’ salons for a full skin analysis report.

Sothys will be giving Nadeera a Sothys Desquacream worth RM168.

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