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Latest fashion collaboration by Kardashians

If you’re a fan of Kim, Kourtney and Khloe, you’ll like their newest fashion collaboration with Dorothy Perkins.

SAUNTERING into the room in a black figure-hugging dress, Kim Kardashian was in full glory of what she is best-known for – being curvy and oh, so sexy.

This reporter was a tad surprised that the 32-year-old (whose height is 159cm) seemed to be smaller-sized in person.

But Kim’s famous assets were there all right, which she flaunted in her bustier dress paired with chunky gold bracelets.

She flashed a polite smile as she took a seat next to reporters at a round table in a room at The Dorchester hotel in London.

Seated next to Kim was her lithe and petite sister Kourtney, 33. The oldest of the Kardashian sisters, Kourtney appeared relaxed, dressed in a casual black V-neck top, green leather shorts and black leggings.

While Kim chose to let her hair cascade down, Kourtney decided to pull her hair back into a high bun – neat and fuss-free.

Nevertheless, it was this difference in the sisters’ take on fashion that truly brings out their clothing line, the Kardashian Kollection, launched in 11 countries, including Malaysia.

From show-stopping dresses to elegant jackets, the pieces in the Kollection match each Kardashian’s persona – Kim’s glamorous image, Kourtney’s bohemian chic vibe and their youngest sister Khloe’s edgier style.

What sets apart the Kollection from their previous fashion initiatives was simply because it truly represented their personalities, according to Kim.

“Whether it was for the Bebe range or designing for someone else, you can offer your opinion but you have to stick to what sells for them. With this (the Kollection), we can pick the pieces that we love and wear,” said Kim.

With British brand Dorothy Perkins being the exclusive retail partner for the Kollection, the line strongly features the sisters’ fondness for leopard print, shiny sequins and of course, figure-enhancing pieces!

In London recently to launch the range, Kim and Kourtney took time to share a bit of their lives with reporters. Khloe, 28, was busy in the United States with her co-hosting duties for The X Factor.

Passionate about fashion since they were kids, Kim and Kourtney candidly recalled how they would go through their mother Kris Jenner’s closet and discuss which of their mother’s shoes they wanted to inherit when she died.

“It sounds kind of mean. My mum had this huge closet and when you opened this drawer, there would be so many shoes. We would then write down, ‘If mum dies, you get these and I get these’,” Kim said, to laughter in the room.

An amused Kourtney was quick to add: “We were really young, not mean teenagers. We were probably five years old (at that time).”

Kourtney also reminisced about how she would role-play as designer Donna Karan and pretended Kim was her assistant, during their childhood.

“I would sit at my father’s desk and pretend to take phone calls. I would talk into the phone and say things like, ‘Come over for an appointment. I’m going to show you the line.’ I would then go to my mum’s closet and pretend to show it,” she said.

This time, it was Kim who playfully added: “She would make me run around and pick up everything after her.”

Growing up together and being just a year apart, the two sisters shared clothes. Kim recalled a funny memory when she wore Kourtney’s jeans to school.

“She (Kourtney) barged into my class and in front of everyone, told the teacher, ‘Kim stole my jeans. She’s wearing them and she needs to take them off right now.’

“She brought me the ugliest pair of pants and made me go to the bathroom to change,” said Kim, who is currently dating singer Kanye West.

Well, gone are those days as the sisters are now proud designers of their own collection; their fans can also add a dash of the Kardashian sense of style to their wardrobes.

Kourtney said: “We really take inspiration from our fans – what they want and what they like.”

The result is a line that is a mix of basics and a few dramatic statement pieces, with the clothes priced between RM193 and RM323.

One of the more elegant pieces would be Kim’s favourite outfit in the Kollection – a black, long-sleeved dress with gold detailing at the neckline – which she wears in the ad campaign.

The same dress also comes in leopard print, for more daring and adventurous types.

Curves are emphasised in the clothes. One perfect example of this is the beige and black lacy contour dress with shoulder straps – for those who want to turn heads while they paint the town red.

Another interesting piece is the mesh top with shoulder-pad puff sleeves that comes in black, red, purple, blue and green.

For a casual day out, the sisters have introduced their own individual cut of black jeans, modelled after their respective body shapes.

Each pair of jeans is labelled with the respective sister’s name and their personal message to the customer.

Priced at RM246 each pair, The Kim jeans come with a low-rise cut and straight legs.

As for The Kourtney, the jeans are low-rise, but have skinny legs which would go well with a pair of heels to create a slender silhouette.

However, Kourtney stressed that girls do not have to be “super skinny” to wear the jeans and it is something that every girl can wear.

Lastly, The Khloe comes with a high rise, boot cut style which matches this Kardashian’s tall frame (Khloe is 178cm tall) and gives the wearer longer-looking legs.

To top it all off, fans of the sisters can also get their hands on the Kardashian’s brand of purses and clutch bags.

Translating their love for all that glitters ino the designs, one can get a sparkly sequined gold or purple purse at RM163 each.

For more formal nights, a sequined black clutch bag with the Kardashian’s double K logo is bound to complete a sleek outfit.

While the Kollection is available in Dorothy Perkins outlets in seven shopping malls in the Klang Valley, fans may be thrilled to know that the three sisters may drop by Malaysia for a visit one day.

“We have never been there (to Malaysia) before and, if we have an opportunity, I would like to, soon,” said Kim.

“I have friends who are Malaysian. They always look really sophisticated and I would love to come and meet the people. We love to meet the fans and see how they have put the outfits together,” she concluded.

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