Datuk Sri Hadian Hashim speaking to the press  at Sona Petroleum Press Conference.
Beside him is Sona chief financial officer, Datuk Maznah Abdul Jalil

Goldis' proposed takeover price for IGB is seen as grossly unattractive

Jitters over Indonesia's proposed banking bill

Bakun at 50% capacity producing 900MW

Sona to have management deal in Thai asset

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The SC alleges that Kenneth Vun and six other had, over a one week period from March 14, 2006 to March 21, 2006, actively transacted in DVM shares among themselves, causing the price of the shares to artificially rise from 11 sen  to a high of 32 sen.
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Tanoti - which means weave in Sanskrit - was established two years ago with an initial investment of RM500,000 and has 16 weavers. The company is 100% owned and managed by Sarawakians.
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  2. Bakun at 50% capacity producing 900MW
  3. Jitters over Indonesia's proposed banking bill
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