Women Do Wonders

Winner: Wong Wai Tet

Diagnosed with cancer two years ago, my sister-in-law, Yan, has completely changed her life and ours.

Winner: Wee Tong Sim

My wife was in labour for 38 hours before she finally heard our little angel cry. What could WOW me more than this show of motherly will and determination?

Winner Thong Xin Lin

Winner 28: It doesn’t look like Mum made a good business deal in having me.

Winner: Pratheip Kannayya

Winner 27: Our nine-month-old baby was inconsolable! When his semi-conscious mother was wheeled out of the OT, she looked like death, having lost two litres of blood. But she still beckoned me to lay her baby son on her.

TV host Janet Hsieh had to fight depression to find herself again

From battling depression to binge disorder eating, TV host/actress Janet Hsieh is on the path to living life to the fullest.

A league of their own

They ruled the track for years, blazing the way for female athletes today.

Gender is no barrier to doing well in sports

THE 1970s and 1980s were a historic period for women in Malaysia’s track and field story.

A bright spark

An irrepressible lady and her merry band have championed the residents of the Selangor Cheshire Home for persons with disabilities for the past 20 years.

No task is too tough for the women in AirAsia’s Infrastructure Development department

At AirAsia, they believe #GirlsCanDoAnything, and that includes building their headquarters, RedQ.

Women councillors out to make a change

THERE may not be many women representatives in local authorities, but those who serve are often a driving force, with many juggling several roles effortlessly.