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Do You Know... about World Snake Day?

Here is some info about snake.

Do you know ... about World Population Day?

Today is World Population day, a day established by the united Nations in 1989 to raise awareness on population issues, including their link to the environment and development. at that time, the world population was five billion, and it is expected to double by 2050. Below are the numbers that tell the story of our crowded world.

Do you know ... about Workaholics Day?

Workaholics day was celebrated recently, on July 5, to raise awareness that all work and no play can be harmful to workers' mental and physical health. It was aimed at encouraging workaholics to make lifestyle changes so that they give other aspects of their lives as much importance as their work.

Do you know ... about anti-money laundering act?

Here are some facts about anti-money laundering act

Do you know ... about World UFO day?

Here are some facts about World UFO Day.

Do you know ... about helmeted hornbill?

The helmeted hornbill, one of the 57 species found in Africa and Asia, is listed among the most threatened species on the planet.

Do You Know ... about e-wallet?

It is a virtual wallet that can be used to pay for all sorts of things - groceries, bills, transport, food and drinks among others.

Do you know ... about RFID?

Here are some facts about RFID

Do you know...facts about durian?

Here are some info about durian.

Do you know ... about the Bateq people?

The Bateq is one of the 19 Orang Asli group in Peninsular Malaysia.