Star Foundation is a charitable arm of Star Media Group aimed at raising, receiving and administering funds for various causes to assist organisations in their operating expenses, upgrading of facilities and running of existing programmes.
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In an effort of expanding the Foundation’s reach to individuals / families who are in need of financial assistance, Medical Fund programme was established. This Medical Fund Programme looks out for those needing urgent medical care especially when it comes at a very hefty cost. This fund will also enable the public to be actively involved and engaged in supporting needy individuals and families.
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In reinforcing our stance on promoting a moderate, harmonious and united nation, Star Golden Hearts Award is formed to recognise everyday Malaysians who demonstrated great commitment to charity work, built bridges between communities and promoted racial harmony and unity by going out of their way to help a fellow Malaysian.
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As part of the Group’s commitment in being a responsible corporate citizen and playing an active role in community development and nation building, Star Foundation’s Wheelchair Programme, provides wheelchairs to NGO’s and underprivileged individuals.
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Star Foundation

Small sacrifice for the arts

WHEN bharatanatyam dancer Sheela Raghavan was approached to conduct free dance classes for underprivileged children, she said yes right away.

Sheela’s senior students assist her in teaching dance. — Photos: RAJA FAISAL HISHAN/The Star

Clown doctors warding off frowns

PETALING JAYA: The narrow space next to the bedside of a sick child is their “stage”.

Send in the clowns: Iskandar (left) who is also known as Dr Bubbles, and Latfy, or Dr Lat, posing with a child during their visit to cheer up children at the cancer ward of Hospital Sultan Ismail in Johor Bahru.

Disabled learn life, baking and dignity

KUALA LUMPUR: To most parents, having children with learning disabilities is a major concern, and it can be quite a challenge when they get older.

Say it with flour: Teh (left) and the trainees at Bake with Dignity in Leisure Commerce Square, Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya.

Alice lays down the Law on littering

KLANG: When 58-year-old Alice Law goes hiking, she will bring along garbage bags.

Human baggage: Law trekking with a bag of trash at the Asli Farm Resort in Semenyih. — Pic by Tang Kok Keong/Facebook

Disabled but always on the go helping others

PETALING JAYA: Voluntary worker Dr Aizan Sofia Amin is a firm believer in the saying “that which does not kill us makes us stronger”.Aizan Sofia, who lost her right leg to bone cancer at 16, refuses to let her physical disability stop her from dedicating her time, resources and energy to volunteer for humanitarian activities.

Zest for life: Aizan Sofia encourages youth to be proactive and do things that are outside of their comfort zone.

More than just music for the kids

PETALING JAYA: It was music to Malini Nageswaran’s ears when her students confidently presented a variety of songs in front of their friends during a performance.

Sound of music: The children from Pure Life Society celebrating their graduation with Malini and Vinesh (centre). Malini says the programme, which can be tailored for adults, has brought the kids out of their shells.

Mother of all love

SEREMBAN: For Ruzita Abd Aziz, there is nothing more devastating than seeing children of widowed mothers being forced to skip school and live in deplorable conditions.

Happy family: Ruzita (seated) with the children at Persatuan Anak Yatim Darul Aminan which she founded together with her husband in late 2005. The home houses 20 children aged between two and 17.

Heroes do not take a break

PETALING JAYA: Past winners of Star Golden Hearts Award took no breaks after winning. Instead, they have gone on to do more impactful work by leveraging on the recognition and exposure received as award winners.

Power for the people: Tambakau (in red cap) and representatives of the association with the local community at Kampung Sonsogon Magandai for the installation of a solar panel.

Vital to know needs of beneficiaries

PETALING JAYA: Social work must not be done without taking the time to understand the true needs of the target groups they are helping.

Professional opinions: (from left) Yasmin, Prof Ahmad, Sharifah Alauyah, Santha, Shahira and Chun sharing their thoughts during the discussion.

Wat-er relief for folk in remote village

KUALA LUMPUR: For the last 28 years, some 500 Kenyah people in the remote village of Long Puak in Sarawak had to depend on rainfall as their main source of water supply.

Working together: Youngsters from the  Long Puak village helping with the piping works during the water project for their households. — Bernama