Star Foundation is a charitable arm of Star Media Group aimed at raising, receiving and administering funds for various causes to assist organisations in their operating expenses, upgrading of facilities and running of existing programmes.
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In an effort of expanding the Foundation’s reach to individuals / families who are in need of financial assistance, Medical Fund programme was established. This Medical Fund Programme looks out for those needing urgent medical care especially when it comes at a very hefty cost. This fund will also enable the public to be actively involved and engaged in supporting needy individuals and families.
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In reinforcing our stance on promoting a moderate, harmonious and united nation, Star Golden Hearts Award is formed to recognise everyday Malaysians who demonstrated great commitment to charity work, built bridges between communities and promoted racial harmony and unity by going out of their way to help a fellow Malaysian.
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As part of the Group’s commitment in being a responsible corporate citizen and playing an active role in community development and nation building, Star Foundation’s Wheelchair Programme, provides wheelchairs to NGO’s and underprivileged individuals.
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Star Foundation

Working hard to win public‘s confidence in cops

ONE man is making it his mission to create awareness on the roles of the police and other law enforcement agencies in Malaysia

Kalaikumar (second from right) watching as members of his team paste a sticker on a car providing information on the Peace and Crime Prevention Action Organisation of Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

Their autistic son paved the way

GEORGE TOWN: Dr Chew Yu Gee may be a paediatrician but he could do little for his son.

Loving care: Dr Chew conducting a class while his wife Melody looks on.

‘Special feeling when they call me appa’

REMBAU: He has had about 150 children addressing him as “appa” (father) over the past 12 years.

Father figure: Ramesh posing with some of the children at the Vivekananda Home in Rembau.

Grab driver driven by selflessness

PETALING JAYA: A Grab driver never thought that driving a sick woman to the hospital would gain him fame on social media.

Ride-sharing and caring: Mohd Nor Iman and Kiaw still keep in touch a month after the helpful trip he gave her mother.

Foundation offers the gift of health

PETALING JAYA: A new non-profit organisation is striving to make alternative treatment available to those who cannot afford it.

Healing help: Chan (right) and management committee member Felicia Yeoh demonstrating the treatment at their headquarters at Menara TH Uptown

Giving young Penans a head start

KUCHING: It was sheer joy for Barefoot Mercy co-founder Anna Wee when she set eyes on Penan kindergarten Tadika Pawah’s completed building for the first time.

Generating more income: Wee (seated right front) meeting Penan villagers to discuss ways to improve their livelihoods in the new kindergarten building.

Going all out to help the orang asli

PETALING JAYA: Soo Hooi Fen made it her mission to help improve the lives of the orang asli community after her first visit to a settlement near Raub, Pahang, in 2014.

Doing their part: Volunteers posing for a picture with the children after presenting school kits to them at Kampung Sg Ruai Tengah in Raub.

Ex-lecturer gives her all, takes little

BUKIT MERTAJAM: Education is priceless but worthless if it doesn’t reach those who need it.

Educator: Malini helping her charges with their studies at the tuition centre in Taman Bukit Minyak Indah, Bukit Mertajam.

The ups and downs of helping others

GEORGE TOWN: It seems like there is not a single group of people that Lee Thuan Chye hasn’t helped in Penang.

A serving of kindness: Lee making sure the triplets are well fed at the Macallum Street Flats in Penang.

A project to educate refugee kids

KUALA LUMPUR: Fresh from getting their social enterprise The Picha Project off the ground, the same founders are now focusing on helping refugees’ kids get educated under Project E-lluminate.

Giving a helping hand: Volunteers also give vocational training to students at the refugee education centres to ensure they pick up some basic life skills. (Inset from left) Teoh and Kim.